4-Year-Old Shoots 6-Year-Old in New Jersey

    April 10, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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As the debate over gun rights ramps up in the U.S., reports of accidental shootings that would have remained local tragedies have been rising to the forefront of national news coverage.

This week, a six-year-old in New Jersey died after being shot by a four-year-old neighbor. According to a report from New York ABC station WABC, Brandon Holt of Toms River, New Jersey died after being shot in the head with a .22-caliber rifle.

Holt was playing in a four-year-old neighbor’s yard when the four-year-old found the rifle inside his house. The gun is reported to have accidentally fired and hit Holt from 15 yards away. Police have stated that the four-year-old’s parents were also in the yard. Holt was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center, where he later died from his wounds.

Toms River police are still investigating and have not released any further details about the incident, including information on how the four-year-old may have obtained the rifle.

  • Summer

    He obtained the gun by picking it up. Because apparently his parents were too retarded to keep a fucking rifle locked up when there’s a toddler in the house.

    I’m starting to think an IQ test is just as important as a background check.

  • Lulu

    So if the parents were also in the yard, wouldn’t they have seen him carry the rifle to the yard? And why didn’t they attempt to take it away? Why wasn’t the rifle in a safe place?

  • k miller

    I think that these parents ought to be charged with involuntary manslaughter along with child endangerment and negligence,,, start making these adults accountable!!!!!!! this should not be considered and accident

  • madelin

    I think this is just wrong to link it to gun control issues. The issue at and is the lack of responsibility from the parents of that child that FOUND a gun at plain sight. The issue at the shooting in Conn. was also an irresponsible mother who taught her son with Aspergers to use guns and then left him home alone with the weapons. Regardless in both instances it is a horrible tragedy, but we have to work on mental illness and making these irresponsible gun owners liable for these disasters – gun control is not the answer, it just favors our socialistic inclined government – don’t be fooled!

    • pinky

      You comment including the word “Aspergers” suggests that the syndrome in particular had something to do with the shootings (you did not for example say her son who was “well fed” or “born the US”).

      I would be careful here. A lot of parents with children with Aspergers have been threatened because the careless media choose to focus on that detail. There is no evidence that individuals with Aspergers are more violent than anyone else (and probably less violent).

      So, it is important we be careful when listening to the media as they no longer do real research and spreading misinformation has the great potential to cause harm to innocent people.

  • how

    How is this even possible? The parents need to be charged with something.

  • Julie

    accidents like this are horrible yet should NOT be tied to the gun debate. The vast majority of registered gun owners are law abiding citizens. BE CAREFUL of what you wish for enabling unrestricted background checks by the government now that the government owns us all through current health care laws. EXAMPLE: NY State police revoked the pistol permits of 2 citizens under the NY Safe Act with absolutely NO police record of any kind and NO due process notice/hearing/debate/reason other than because of being prescribed antianxiety meds. All of you quitting smoking taking Wellbutrin beware–this is the same class of drug. Can you say “Totalitarian governmental tactics” and Total violation of HIPPA laws???

    • mat

      Get one and find out.

  • what

    what is the exact purpose of a civilian having a gun?

    • jennel

      Just look at Mexico and that will give you your answer.

  • Titus4

    When does a happy American father like me, get to stop hearing this wrong answer to the problem? The problem, obviously, is how the 4 year old got his hand on the weapon. I am a parent and im telling you, theres no way my 8 year old would get his hands on a gun while him and his buddies were playing. This was a parenting mistake.

  • Sonja

    How did he get the gun? The rifle is probably bigger than the kid, how did the parents not notice? and why in the heck would you leave a loaded gun sitting around for anybody to grab?

  • http://yahoo mati lavea

    Omg…. that is some scary crap…. i mean a 4 year old child…..damn that is to young……

  • http://googlegmail love8888

    Poor kid

  • Yvonne

    You really shouldn’t think about the weapon that killed the 6 year old but how the child obtained the weapon. People who have guns need to keep it hidden and locked away. Not just lying there in the open. Especially to those who have kids. A child is naturally curious and will want to grab and touch everything in sight. Having a weapon around the house openly like that is extremely dangerous to both you and your own child. The 4 year old could have accidentally shot himself instead. It was the parents who should have kept the gun in a safe location. There is no excuse of having it lying around where a child can reach it. Guns aren’t the problem. It’s the people who use them. Taking away guns violates the Second Amendment which gives you the right to bear arms. Someone can easily stab a person to death with a knife so will the government want to put a ban on knives as well? It is sad that this child died and I deeply offer my condolences to the parents for their loss.

  • Mandy

    “The parents were in the yard with the children…” How did they not notice the 4 year old with a .22 rifle? Strange! But more than that…why is any gun in a home with children not locked away? I’m all for guns for protection, hunting, etc. but anytime one is left not locked up, you’re just taking a gamble if someone will be killed with it.

  • theresa

    you ask any of my children if they know where my guns are and they will tell you they have no clue. more parents need to held resposible for their children

    • Mark


      You think thats good? Wow.. Parent’s like you are part of the problem too. Kids need to know what guns are. They need to know how dangerous they are and have know to stay away when they see them. If they have no idea what a gun is, if they happen to come across one at a friends house or something, they will be very curious. Because they have no idea what they’re checking out.

  • nosef

    That kid CRAZY!

  • Alex

    Not only was it stupid to leave a gun out, its even worse they left it out loaded around a 4 year old, the parents should be charged with 2nd degree man slaughter. and I am Pro- Guns but c’mon be responsible with them

  • harvey clark

    Well maybe we should finally place the blame where it should be – the parents -. They should be punished just like any other individual who is “responsible” for the death of someone. They provided a weapon to msomeone who had not passed a federal background check so they are guilty of at-least one federal violation; however the only thing that the gun control mafia will see is a death and not the stupidity of the parents. Maaybyu if we prosocuted some of these people on the charge of “Stupidity” we might see a reduction of deaths like this. My heart goes out mto the parents but the fault is theirs, not the weapons’ maker.

  • Patty D

    “Whether charges will be filed?”

    Excuse me… but the 2nd Amendment needs to remain in tact.

    I believe that PARENTS should be made responsible for their children’s actions!


    Make parents responsible for their children’s actions and these stories will not exist!

    For their offspring and their actions are an example of themselves! Make them pay!!