3-Year-Old Kicked Off Flight for Refusing to Wear Sealtbelt

By: WebProNews Staff - May 30, 2012

3-year-old kicked off flight for refusing to wear his seatbelt has caught the attention of folks across the Internet. According to KiroTV, Mark Yanchuck and his son, Daniel, were on a red-eye flight to Miami when the incident occurred. Yanchuck said that his son was sleepy and a little fussy, which prevented him from sitting up straight and using his seatbelt. Despite his best efforts, the father couldn’t calm the child down.

Flight attendants attempted to solve the problem by moving the child’s mother, who was seated near the front of the plane, closer to her child. According to Svetlana Yanchuck, Daniel had his belt fastened when she arrived, and it only took a few minutes to calm the crying child down. By this point, unfortunately, it was too little too late.

After moving about 50 feet, the pilot announced that they had to return to the gate. Once they had arrived, Mark was informed that he and his son would have to leave the plane. After pleading his case to no avail, the entire family disembarked, though they were clearly not happy about the ordeal. The pilot stated the decision to remove the child was a matter of safety.

“I thought we were treated like criminals,” Svetlana remarked.

According to flight attendants, several conversations about the boy’s behavior took place before the decision was made to give them the boot. The Yanchucks, meanwhile, claim that their son had settled down by the time they were asked to leave. The family has refused to have their flight rebooked by the airline.

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  • Ann K. Coward

    Yeah, what a blessing and thank you to that Airline. However, they should have opened the shoot and kicked that parent out in ‘MID AIR’!!! What is wrong with this CRAZY PARENT AND ALL OTHERS THAT HAVE NO CONTROL, AT ALL, OVER THIER CHILDREN. Oh my gosh, someone has to do something to be able to endure these brats that the SO CALLED PARENTS ARE NOT EVEN TRYING TO RAISE. I was blessed to have two boys and God gave me the common sense to raise them so that others could love them also. I loved my boys more than life, but they knew how to conduct themselves, any place that I took them. They were such a blessing to me. You, airplane Dad, should START TRYING TO RAISE that child so others can at least tolorate him. May God have mercy on you and also on him. Ann K. Coward

    • http://yahoo Brittany

      How are you going totry and tell someone how to raise there child,dont compare how you raise your children and how somebody else does ! you raised them right, and a ” so-called ” goodmother but has the nerd to call someone a ” brat ” and then says kick him off in mid-air .. youre grown arent it? use common sense !

  • http://yahoo sue

    Ms coward that was very unkind you have the nerve to say may God have mercy on you yet you think the family should be kicked out in mid air.
    you called the parents crazy who are you to judge? You were not on that flight and I bet your children were not perfact!! Maybe the child was scared you do not know, so do not judge! Wow that was a mean reply you gave you must be a very unhappy person you are the BRAT shame on you.

  • Pat

    God forbid something happened during the flight to their child, they’ve would have sued the airline in a heartbeat…good for the airlines….

  • ryn

    I am not going to tell anyone how to raise their kids, however there are consequences for not following the rules and regulations. Also what about safety, if there was turbulence and the kid(s) got hurt the parents would probably sue. I have two kids that I travelled with and they behaved, if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have taken them. I started small, trips to the park, zoo, fast food, then restaurants, if the misbehaved I left. If I am paying money for a service I don’t want to be subjected to unruly children, there are options for parent: 1. Stay home; 2. travel by car; or 3. Get control of your kids. As far as the kid(s) behaving after the plan turns back at that point, again I’m on board, it’s too late… more than likely the behavior would have continued throughout the flight, not fair to other paying customers. There is no need to yell, scold or spank, simply a consequence the next time the child wants to do something… remind the child “remember we were kicked off the plane because you wouldn’t behave, well now we are not going to do something you want.” This is simply a suggestion, an option; otherwise your child will continue bad behavior and you will get kicked out of restaurants, planes etc. Take it or leave it.