3 Tickets Split $50M In Latest Powerball Winnings

    May 27, 2013
    Zach Walton
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A much smaller Powerball worth $50M has been split between 3 winning tickets.

The AP reports that a Florida resident is the third winner of the latest $50M Powerball award. The other two winners were from Louisiana and Delaware. The three winners will split $50 million over 20 years, of a lump sum of $31.1 million.

This is the second time this month that somebody from Florida has won the lottery. An unnamed winner on May 20 won the Powerball jackpot worth $590.5 million. The state said at the time that Florida is the state with the most Powerball winners of any state. This latest win only further cements Florida as being full of lottery winners.

Speaking of records, the three-way split of the latest Powerball is not the highest split. A 2001 $295 million Powerball was split four ways.

The next Powerball jackpot will only be worth $40 million. For most, that’s still quite enough money.

  • Yep1915

    Always, winners from no-town USA wow now all the suckers can line up to throw money away they don’t have on the next round …WOO HOO. I can proudly say I have never bought a Lotto ticket and never would. I think it is one big game akin to a cheap carnaval for fools. What do I think? I think P.T. Barnum was right!

    • billybob

      Who cares, dip5hit? It costs a dollar.

      • TM


        • joe

          Should still be a dollar…whenever there’s a winner..that’s still more money they can spend in a life-time..I haven’t bought one since it went up.

      • lyle

        it costs 2 dollars, so who is the dipshit now???

  • dana

    i buy tickets sometimes but it hink is ripoff they should only have the big powerballs in their own states, they always wait til the powerball gets large why?

  • john

    It may be more likely to be struck by 100 consecutive lightning bolts during each of 10 storms that tag the jackpot, but there are more winners than the just the jackpot. (“naw, I’m not going to bother with $50 grand” type of thing … must be nice) but there IS a chance of winning. By not buying a ticket, it is an absolute certainty that you will NOT win. Kinda like jumping out of a disabled plane from 2000′ into a lake or going down with it into the side of a mountain. Would you rather have an extremely remote change of surviving or no chance at all? Enjoy your 2 buck cup of coffee that -may- have purchased one of the willing combinations.

  • Andrew

    Something is amiss in Florida..I guarantee it is very stinky…

  • joe

    It’s always florida, New Jersey, or California…I believe the lottery is RIGGED!.