3 Killed In “Honor Crime” In Egypt

    May 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Authorities in Luxor, Egypt say that ten men are accused of beating a woman and her two daughters to death in what they call an “honor killing” after the women were accused of infidelity.

The women were reportedly beaten with sharp objects and strangled before their bodies were wrapped in sheets, weighted with stones, and thrown into the Nile River. At least one of the men has been arrested and is in custody; police are searching for the remaining suspects. So far, only one of the women has been found.

The man who was arrested on Thursday freely admitted to the murders and said they’d done it to protect their family’s honor because the women were accused of having affairs.

Despite being against Egyptian law, these so-called “honor killings” are rampant in the Middle East. Last year, a husband and wife were thrown in jail in Pakistan after they murdered their 15-year old daughter by throwing acid on her. They said it was because she dishonored their family by looking at a boy.

In recent months, as violence against women grows more and more tension in the Middle East, females are starting to speak out about their rights, especially when it comes to sexual violence.

  • Cindy

    I have been to the Middle East and Egypt. We have very few rights there. As an American I had every right I have in the US. But the citizens of these countries do not treat their women well. Young girls are used as slave labor, not permitted to go to school.
    It is alright for a man to have several wives, and a women is not even allowed to look at another man.

  • Lela Halterman

    Egypt is an ancient culture. It is not any of our business here in the USA to go around correcting everyone. We have plenty of problems over here that are terrible. Take a hard look at the murdering of the innocent in the womb. We as a nation do as much harm or more!

    • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

      yeah you need to go back to egypt!

    • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

      Let’s say I’m walking down the street and I see your husband beating the daylight’s out of you! By your thoughts It would be none of my concern I by you I should just mind my own.Your either muslim or a fool and maybe both!

    • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

      Just because something is ancient doesn’t mean it’s right!

      • jeff

        Scott: ‘Right’ is a relative term, not an absolute one. I’m horrified by some of the things I hear happen regularly in the Middle East. But by the same standard, many things in the United States horrify me, too. We virtually ignore the mentally ill, the elderly, the homeless – anyone who by their circumstances doesn’t tend to have much money – ends up on the streets. I would agree with Lela, but clarify my standpoint that we need to stop trying to be the world’s police when we clearly aren’t handling our own problems well enough. Much of the world hates U.S. hypocrisy, and esp in the last few decades, I can’t say I blame them.

        • Ron

          Your right we Should have ignored what was happening in Germany in the 40’s. We had are own problems to worry about.

          • Ralph

            Right on Ron. Had we ignored THAT situation most of Europe would be speaking German now. Thank you veterans for your service.

    • Carl

      It’s not about culture, however old. Wrong is wrong, murder is murder. Murder in the womb or outside the womb is still murder for all cultures.

    • Paul

      Your views on abortion have nothing to do with this topic. We, the United States, aren’t stopping this from taking place in Egypt. Individual American citizens are commenting on this, not the government. As a country we promote democracy, that’s about it. So your use of a story like this to promote your Pro Life beliefs is off base and frankly inappropriate. Now had you said our government uses stories like this to remain involved in the area, so they can advance their agenda with regard to oil prices, etc. you would probably be right.

    • http://MSN christopher

      You’ve got to be kidding. Human rights know no nationality. The human right to safety and security belongs to every human being no matter where they were born. It is a crime against humanity to violate that right by anyone; government, tribal leader, parent or child. Period. No government (including the US or Egypt) can justify this human right. “Honor” killings have no honor. They are just family murder! Shame on the family and on the countries who turn a blind eye to it. Shame!

    • Sue

      I agree with you to a point. Their is alot of violence against children and the elderly and women and change should start at home, somethings have changed here for women, we can vote we can work the one thing that has not changed is the violence against us, Lela women are now defending themselves here why should they not be able to there things have to change and move forward and not stay the same or in the past.The way things are going here we may be right behind them.

  • Lela Halterman

    Who cares, get over it. Women right and left over here don’t care about the rights of their unborn children but they sure do whine when their rights are offended. Get over it.

    • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

      seriosly muslim lady go home!

    • Paul

      Women don’t care about their unborn children?? Really? Do you know the percentages of abortions to births in this country. What a ridiculous comment. DId you read it before you posted, or were you just going for sensationalism?

  • REID

    There is nothing honorable about The Koran or Islam. And Obama if we’re not at war with Islam we darn well should be.

  • http://yahoo Mike

    So Sharia law and the “Muslim’ religion is so great. tell that to the British Soldier familly, who was killed in London by thes animals.

  • JTL

    Muslims have such noble reasons for killing people.

  • Sherry

    Woman-hating is not unique to Egypt or Muslim culture. Violence against women is reprehensible wherever it exists, in the US where it is still rampant, or other countries.

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

    These people are ignorant they have missed anything that might be positive in the koran, And I seriously doubt that more than a few truly understand the koran andthe rest can’t read. Were talking about a bunch of unitelligent people that are following a tradition more than a religion! The muslim religion has and will continue to be a problem for the modern world because these people are 300+ years behind the times!

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

    They treat their wemon like this because they would’nt have any wemon if they had a choice! Sounds like a bunch of terrible looking men afraid of loosing something they can never truly own!

    • Jim Chandler

      Dude! Learn to spell. It’s WOMEN not wemon. Good grief!

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

    As soon as obama’s gone the sh$t’s ganna hit the fan! When the next republican president get’s into office this muslim loving game will come to a end I assure you!

    • John Framing


      Was aiding the overthrow of Ghadaffi muslim loving? How about the drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan? How about keeping Guantanamo open?

      You are way off base.

      • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

        Again go back to egypt dude!

      • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

        If you truly think that the way they treat wemon is right than you need to leave this country!

      • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

        How does any of that have to do with muslims killing their daughters you are crazy! Oh and as for the drones if they save one soldiers life then so be it, If they weren’t such cowards by purposfully hiding in churches and innocent peoples villages then there wouldn’t be innocent casualties and if the people themselves would turn in the bad guy’s to the u.s. then drones wouldn’t be needed! They hide like cowards next to children schools hospitals and such they do it to themselves then cry when their people are killed! It’s actually pretty smart politically for them!

        • Norman Morton

          It is a tried and true geurilla tactic to
          make the enemy look bad by hiding in mosques,
          in schools, and large crowds all the while
          sniping at the enemy and hoping that the enemy
          kills inncent people. The more inncents killed,
          women and children, all the better.

        • Norman Morton

          It is a tried and true geurilla tactic to
          make the enemy look bad by hiding in mosques,
          in schools, and large crowds all the while
          sniping at the enemy and hoping that the enemy
          kills inncent people. The more inncents killed,
          women and children, all the better.

  • Goober Johnson

    They are primitive, stupid animals….NO MORE AID!!……let
    these people rot in their own filth!!! What a bunch ignorant
    fools, it makes me want to peuk. It is no wonder all the women
    want to live here.

  • teacher

    What could bring more dishonor upon a family than murdering family members for not living up to the family ideals?

  • John Framing

    We can have peace in the Middle East by just ignoring them, and letting them starve.

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scott

    Completely cut them off no more aid no more weapons absolutely nothing!

  • Oscar

    That is the real face of the cult of Islam.The cult of Islam is cruel,backwards,inhumane and all in all RIDICULOUS.The cult of Islam is a farce.It is a throw back to the cruel and disgusting times of the 7th century AD when human beings behaved more like wild animals than to educated and polite creatures.If anybody doubted the extent of inhumanity and stupidity of the cult of Islam this and a lot of actions like this are the perfect example of the incredible animalistic behavior of the cult of Islam.It should be wiped out of the face of the earth and soon.

  • Jim Chandler

    Good old Islam, the “religion of peace”. These people are frigging crazy and should probably be exterminated before they can spread their crap any further.

  • Yuliya

    One my friend has told she likes the Muslim law and would like to have a husband from Islam countries, because, she said, you can ever complain against your husband to mullah. Gm, I answered – if you have time…

  • jconk

    this is not a complicated question
    there is a simple and understandable answer
    thy shall not kill
    I can live with this
    and furthermore if everyone else could accept this answer then death would only come through illness accident or old age !


  • Vanessa

    He who hath shed blood for the sake of honor is a coward. There is no honor in taking the life of a young daughter whos only crime was opening her eyes and seeing a boy. These people are disgusting. And what is to become of these murderers? They will never be held accountable for their crimes and will continue living like savages. My heart goes out to the women and children who suffer by the hands of these men.

  • Giannpaolo

    They treat better a Camel than a woman and this is true

  • nonsense

    Why is it that the fanatics in the middle east are still living like it is the stone age? They believe it’s ok to murder a woman for infidelity, but a man can do what ever he wants. A man needs multiple witnesses for his raping of a woman to even be considered legit. They obviously don’t believe in a God of love, or they would not act as God. This is why I have given up on religion; it is man’s misinterpretation of a loving God. The religious take what they want to believe and act accordingly. This is disgusting. The human race is diseased.

  • katie

    One out of every three women will be abused at some point in her life.
    •Battering is the single major cause of injury to women, exceeding rapes, muggings and auto accidents combined.
    •A woman is more likely to be killed by a male partner (or former partner) than any other person.
    •About 4,000 women die each year due to domestic violence.
    •Of the total domestic violence homicides, about 75% of the victims were killed as they attempted to leave the relationship or after the relationship had ended.

    if you want to be outraged by violence against women you don’t need to look at other cultures or religions. we have plenty enough right here at home. a little less finger pointing and a little more positive action is a better use of your time.

  • http://yahoo Karen

    When the uprising was taking place the men were reported raping the wemon. Now they kill them for infadelity. Seems to me a few fathers should be going out and correcting some of these mens ways. I thought that the Koran said you shall not kill. Yet here they rape and kill? I dont want to go to Egypt anymore. I think all tourist should ban Egypt until they change there policys on rape and killing of wemon. Enough is enough. They need to stop playing God.