Mariah Carey Admits Her Biggest Career Mistake

By: Alexandria Sardam - December 26, 2013

This Sunday on “Watch What Happens Live” Miss Mariah Carey was the lovely guest of honor with talk show host, Andy Cohen. While Cohen is used to getting stars to open up about the latest scoop on all of the juiciest drama, he definitely wasn’t expecting to uncover such a large, admitted mistake.

Carey dropped a bomb, claiming her 2010 movie, “Glitter” was the biggest mistake of her career. She thought it was so bad in fact that the year-old singer would only refer to the movie as the “G-word.”

On “Watch What Happens Live” Carey said the movie fell short because of the lack of director and it’s release date around 9/11. She also blamed the movie’s lack of success on the time period it was portrayed in saying, It wasn’t trying to bring the 80’s back a little too early. It was 2001 and people were like oh the 80’s, we just had the 80’s.”

Carey did say however, she was a fan of the soundtrack.

Never seen the movie, or have you just erased it from your memory? Well here’s a little revisit to the past below.

And here’s a little video below here to find out what people are saying about her mistake and a possible “G2?”

What do you think of the move? Are you one of those people that can only refer to it as the “G” movie, too?

Leave your comments below.

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  • Sandra Chambers

    Well I loved Mariah in the movie Glitter, wished I could see it as a rerun again in Memphis,Tn