Kendall and Kylie Jenner Drop out of Private School

    September 29, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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The Kardashian/Jenner family has been all over the news lately, from Khloe’s possible divorce, Lamar’s drinking and alcohol use, and Bruce’s skin cancer surgery, it seems as though the drama never stops for these folks. So, what is going on now? Kris and Bruce are feuding it out over the decision to let their daughters, seventeen-year-old, Kendall and 16-year-old, Kylie become home schooled.

According to an insider of the family, the girls “had been attending a very elite private school until last year.” It is reported that they were both doing very well at school and Bruce was absolutely against the girls leaving school to work on their careers. He had hopes that they would, instead, attend college.

We briefly heard a discussion on their television show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, about the decision to let Kendall and Kylie become home schooled so that they could further their careers, but no final decisions were shown on screen.

“This all played out on the reality show, but what viewers didn’t see was the fights between Bruce and Kris. Bruce always wanted the girls to go to college, whereas Kris doesn’t place an emphasis on education. Kris has told the girls they are only young once and they could always go back to school later. She doesn’t want them to miss out on lucrative deals because they are in school,” the source added.

However, Bruce was adamant about the girls staying in school. “It was very hard for Bruce to watch his girls struggle in school because of their careers. He feels they are missing out on normal teenage experiences such as going to football games, going to Homecoming dances,” the source said.

But, as usual, Kris had the upper hand on this one. The girls did drop out of their private school and are now being home schooled. It was previously reported that the girls have become out of control. Maybe not having the structure of school, has lead to their wild behavior.

Even though Bruce didn’t get his way, he still has hopes that his daughters will want to attend college. “There is only so much he can do. It’s his hope that one day soon, the girls will consider going to college because he doesn’t want them to rely on their looks and fame going forward in their lives.”

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  • Really?

    Both girls are already millionaires from their modeling careers and on top of that they have trust funds. They are set for life and can travel the world. I don’t think they are missing much.

    It is hard to believe that those girls are only 17 and 16. They both look like they are in their mid 20s. The world has really changed. I grew up in the 90s and girls did not look like this. Not even close.