21-Pound Lobster: Claws Could Break A Man’s Arm

    July 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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As someone who isn’t a fan of things with claws, I’m fairly freaked out by this story. In fact, the accompanying picture will probably give me nightmares later, partly because it’s exactly what I picture Stephen King’s “lobstrosities” to look like (The Dark Tower II).

Nonetheless, I’m equally fascinated by the things that dwell in deep waters, because it seems there is always something to be learned and discovered about those creatures. We may never really know how many species live in the deepest, darkest parts of the oceans; it’s almost as vast a mystery as the universe is. If you don’t think so, just check out this photo of a 21-pound lobster caught off the coast of Cape Cod.

Image credit: Elise Costa/WBZ

The 40-inch monster is displayed by restaurant manager Elise Costa. Those claws, in case you can’t tell from the image, are about a foot long, and the creatures carry a considerable amount of their weight in them. Therefore, they have enough power to seriously hurt an adult human.

“I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands, and it was as long as my arms and as big as my torso,” said Costa. “It’s giant.”

A 27-pound lobster was caught off the coast of Maine recently and a crustacean with claws that big could “break a man’s arm”, according to Elaine Jones, director for the state’s Department of Marine Resources, and is the largest lobster ever recorded in Maine’s history.

Costa said her catch will be put on display briefly before being auctioned off for charity and may eventually be released back into the wild waters it came from.

  • Travis gerkin

    That’s a huuuuge! B!&@h

  • Leroy

    As I began to read the story I was fuming inside because I felt that these stupid people would kill the animal and stuff their fat guts with such a wonderful create, but I was then elated to see that they hope to release it back to the wild, that unless another greedy bastard doesn’t buy it and cook it. When I hear of disasters happening and people dying I laughter to myself because it serves them right for all the cruelty they bestow on other creatures that share this world with us. I saw them hunt and kill crocs just because of over population, so why we don’t hunt Latinos in America? They are over populating the country, or Chinese in china, or blacks since more% are disruptive to society, but the geese flock a park in manhattan and shit on their lawn and they kill 700 this year. All I’m saying is that when the world ends because we can’t take care of it I hope I’m long gone.

    • Aaycle

      Me too Leroy–I hope your’e long gone!!!

    • Josh

      Wow, why don’t you do the world a favor then and take our own life so this over sized lobster can have a better life. The trade is well worth it.

    • warpig

      leroy is 100% right .the other noobs is whats wrong with the world today ,So shut the f**k up !!!!!!

    • D

      You are an idiot. You whine over animals being killed, but laugh about humans being killed. Sorry, you are not an idiot. You are sick. Humans and animals are different and are put here for different purposes. I have to ask, do you only eat plants? Why is it ok to kill them? Why can’t they live out their lives in peace? Could it be because they are different also and put here for a purpose? Why don’t you just live of bread and water. Scratch that. Just live off the water, because bread is made from plants. On second thought, don’t drink the water, because you will be taking away the home of aquatic creatures and we can’t have that no can we? All I can say is, “good luck.”

    • Toto

      Leroy, are you crazy. The animal kingdom is far worse than mankind. Have you ever seen a ferret gouge out the eyes of a guinea pig just for fun, or a cat do the same to a bird just for fun? Lots of animals fight and kill all the time. And the animal food chain is far more vicious than ours. Animals eat other animals alive! And have you ever seen what your precious crocs (as well as bears, sharks, alligators, lions, snakes, etc) do to other creatures including human beings? Per your arguments we should destroy all those animals, so we might as well eat them while we are doing that.

    • Uncle Bill

      Leroy, What do you eat? Just because you cannot hear the vegetables scream does not mean that they do not hurt, feel pain and are alive. Yes. Science CAN measure the emotions of vegetables. They do feel pain and do react to people. Are you Macrobiotic? Eating your food alive while it feels every bite? Do you drink purified water? So it is OK to kill all those bacteria and parasites? YET, you laugh at people dying? Hypocrite!

  • Occupy Leroy

    Leroy do us all a favor and stop taking up perfectly good fresh air & water. Find a bridge and Peter Pan off the side. 😀

  • DW

    Undoubtedly this Lobster has lived for a very long time to grow this large. It has dodged nets and lobster traps and managed to avoid predators. Please return this giant Lobster to the Sea from where it came and let it live out its life the way it was meant to. To end this Lobsters existence in a pot of boiling water just isn’t fair after it has lived for so long.

  • Jason

    Animals were put on the earth for consumption. They were to feed the massive loads of people that this spinning rock carries every day. Lobsters breed as fast as cockroaches. If I caught that monster, I’d be warming up lots of clarified butter and buy some good wine to enjoy with it. Come on people, it’s food.
    Leroy and warpig obviously hunt at the grocery store… I can feed myself!

  • don

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, surprise.

  • Doug Kay

    AAHHH! Now for a bucket of garlic butter and a 30 gallon drum lobster pot ready to cook!

  • Dave

    Really folks, did you forget what this story is about? It’s a dang lobster. A huge stinking Lobster. Yum. Let’s cook it up and have a feast. You think this one lobster is going to make a difference, where as the other thousands which are consumed each week don’t? Come on. It’s a story about a Lobster. Why do you have to bring your hatred and un-educated views into a story about a Lobster?

  • http://studiosteve Stepen haggarty


  • Wadner M

    I just want the tail

  • lizz gregg

    i have a custom broiler just his/her size about 5 pounds crab meat gallon of drawn butter = heaven / but sure not to over cook due to size which will make it tough a mistake a lot of chiefs make yum yum let the bitting begin

  • Uncle Bill

    Now I’m hungry for lobster…YUM !

  • Stella

    A creature who has lived that long unmolested deserves to be returned to the sea. No one needs to eat a 21 lb. lobster.

    • Dennis

      The only comment I’ve seen regarding this with some sense. Let it live!

  • http://MSN Anahid

    EWWWW…huge sea spider…gack!!

  • steven d

    They usually get eaten.There are a lot of them that size in the north east.

  • Jan in Houston

    Here is a yucky fact: check out the family trees of the lobster, shrimp, crab, crawfish (or as I grew up calling them crawdads) & you will find that they are first cousins of the (hold on to your stomach) cockroach. I know gross, right…..ick.

  • the rulingelder

    I guarantee if it was caught and cooked it would not taste good. Most likely tough. Over sized or old in age meat, fish etc… Usually does no taste good. So I would toss it back and look for a nice 3 lb lobster. YUM! And to thoes who chose to eat it. Bon appetite! one lobster won’t be missed. I guarantee their are thousands of 20, 30 even 40 pound lobsters gourging themselves on the bottom of the ocean.

  • Kevin

    Just look at the food chain. Even if your strickly veg. Plants also live need water, nutrients and they have offspring that need fertilized. So your still killing something. As far as the lobster goes break out the butter and maybe a steak.

  • Lost Cause

    The big fellow should be given to a properly accredited marine aquarium where he can live out his days as an educational display.

  • http://www.facebook.com Mlou

    read somewhere it takes 7 yrs for a lobster to grow dinner-plate size; this one must be pretty old then, throw him back, probably too tough to eat anyways (looks like a mini-alien from ALIENS)