$17 Million Buffet In Vegas Boasts Nine Kitchens

    September 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Vegas is synonymous with over-the-top, larger-than-life, extravagant things, be it hotels or building facades. Now, they’re adding an enormous buffet at Ceasar’s Palace to that list, a buffet which cost upwards of $17 million to create.

Boasting nine kitchens, a slew of chefs, and over 500 dishes to choose from, the buffet offers more items than any other in Las Vegas, which is a huge accomplishment.

“Personally, I believe this is the perfect size, the perfect outcome of what a buffet should be,” executive chef Scott Green said.

Because of the foundering economy, Vegas hasn’t seen the action it’s used to in the past couple of years, tourism wise. This addition could be just the thing they need to generate buzz and get people into the casinos.

“If anything is going to survive in Las Vegas, it’s the buffet tradition,” Anthony Curtis, publisher of LasVegasAdvisor.com said. “The scope of that seems to be sort of limitless. One opens and another one tops it.”

With so much to choose from, the per-person price seems relatively low at $39.99, especially considering everything you’re getting. The menu runs the gamut from gourmet meatballs to prime rib, Southern fare like shrimp and grits, an array of seafood, and an incredible breakfast which is made-to-order and includes giant omelets and red-velvet pancakes.

Image credit: Sabin Orr / Courtesy Caesars Entertainment

  • greengirl

    What a waste! No matter how much I might like to, my stomach couldn’t possibly handle this. I’d sample maybe 10 food items and I’d be done. And that’s just a bite of each.

    • ajenkins


      • http://www.svr7.net Barbara Hall

        So true I would not even attempt a bite from all of it. I believe that food is only to give you energy to live. In other words, we eat so that we can stay alive, healthy and function–we do not live to eat.

  • MissAmy

    I’d rather drive a Wagoneer.

    • Ricer Mustang

      I here you, those Wags are seriously sweet!

      • Ribnreef liar

        Have you seen the new debadged rams? Fugly!!!!

  • Jeanne

    For $40 (ok. 39.99!), I’d rather eat in a real restaurant and be waited on.

    • Patricia Wade

      I don’t eat $40.00 worth of food a wk. why would I go all the way to Vegas, lose my money and get about $3.00 worth of food?
      sure, I may have some fun gambling, but that is about it. they should be feeding me for nothing. look at all the money they make on my losses.

      • http://www.svr7.net Barbara Hall

        Vegas was built off losses. If any rational person is thinking, why would a floundering economy be able to product such extra trimmings?

  • me

    if they wanted to to do something remarkable they should have used the money to feed the needy and clothe the poor ……. very shamful I think

    • pat

      or they could get a job and work. everyone in this country with the possibility to get an education. and with an education, your possibilities are limitless. i dont feel bad

  • jimbo

    I would eat there. Whats 40 bucks if your in vegas? Maybe 4 hands at the table if your a cheap a$$. I have been to a couple of the higher end buffets in vegas and they are outstanding. They loose money on those buffets thats for sure.

  • Gerry

    I’m going to tear that thing up next March.

  • Richard

    but is it all-you-can-eat,,,,,,,,,,,,?

    • ThisQueenLuvzFancyMealz

      I sure hope so lol, but buffets usually ARE all-u-can-eat.
      I haven’t been to one that wasn’t.
      (hope that helps)

    • ThisQueenLuvzFancyMealz

      Lol, yeah… i caught that too.

  • lynn Rossi

    “Because of the foundering economy”…who edits?

    • Max

      Look up the definition of foundering

  • ThisQueenLuvzFancyMealz

    I can WAIT to go there to sample their gourmet delights!!!

    Btw, $40 isn’t a lot for an upscale buffet.
    …U go to Las Vegas to splurge anyways, rite??
    Live it up!!

  • Fed Up

    And thats probably a third of what they should have spent. As a lifelong resident of Vegas beleive me when I say Caesars is the cheapest, most backward operation on the strip. I wouldnt eat in any Casars property for free or otherwise.

  • CA Grandma

    Are they going to change the Vegas slogan to “Whoever eats in Vegas stays in Vegas because
    they can’t fit into an airplane seat home?” or Vegas – overcharged, overfed and overweight.
    There aren’t enough obese people walking the streets of Vegas?

  • Bernadette

    Yeah right!! Another crooked thing for Vegas. $39.00 for a buffet and just who can eat $39.00 worth of food? Where do you get off at saying it is relatively cheap for all they have to offer when you can’t possibly eat all they have to offer. What a scam!!! As usual.

    • Marc

      Agreed. I actually got a little excited because I’ll be there next week but, I’m confident I can find good food for less than $40

      • http://www.svr7.net Barbara Hall

        Over kill if you think about it. Food is abused.

      • alie

        LOL- The only good food for less than $49 bucks is In-N-Out. You guys should probably stay on the old strip and eat $5 leather steaks….Gross…. It sounds like an amazing offer.

    • Joe

      A steak at Ruth Chris or Mortons will cost you $35-40 alone. A lobster or King Crab leg dinner at a good sea food restaurant will cost you around $40 also. You can eat at the Bellagio buffet and get all you can eat Wild Boar an Jumbo shrimp and King Crab legs for $35 at dinner. If the food is good quality that price of $39.99 is a bargain.

      • http://yahoo.com Big Dog

        You are right! That is a good deal on that buffet. You are getting food that would hit you for more money for one item. You are getting king crab alone is $40, lobster $40 plus alone. They are giving up alot for the money. Also the food is five star quality.

    • John

      There is nothing crooked here. I don’t know what rock you live under, but any fine dinning will cost you at least $40 minimum. Not including drinks or deserts. Plus you have a limited selection of entrees. What they are planning on doing is offering a mega Buffet with a never before seen vast selection. The value will come in the quality of the food and the large selection. Most high end buffet’s usually charges at least $60 per person. This will make Casino business history and an amazing deal. I cant wait for this to come to for wishing.

      • Teacher

        It is fruition not for wishing. Otherwise I agree. Have a good one. That made me laugh.

  • ronald

    I would eat 20 lbs of crab and lobster then “VEG” in my room

  • Jennifer

    The casinos in Mississippi have had the same things on their buffets for years. The seafood is not the best quality that I would expect from a business on the Gulf of Mexico. I do think that it is still fresher than anything you get for 39.99 in a landlocked state.

  • Greg

    Joys of the Rich and Ignorant. Why the heck would you pay 17 million bucks for a buffet? When you can go to pizza hut for a $10 buffet and that includes drink?!! WTF Is wrong with this picture???!!!!

    • Tanesha

      I think 17 mil is what it cost to build/make the buffet not what it costs to eat there.

    • Richard

      I hope you were kidding. It Cost $40 to eat there not 17 million. HAHAHA

  • phlux

    mmm a little of this a little of that and some of this and just one bite of that, your paying for the variety. $40 is nothing in vegas. just get one less lap dance.sometimes you must pamper yourself.

  • bigd

    And millionaire’s shouldn’t be taxed more. Come on wake up!

  • Jim

    It’s not foundering, it floundering. An economy of inept government, sleazy HR/headhunters, and cowardly middle managers who hire people who are so completely unqualified, they ensure their own survival.

  • Der Harski

    Only 39.99? I’ll be on the first flight! Sorry, but only your high rollers will “waste” that kind of money on a meal. But….maybe thats what you want. Good Luck.

  • E money

    Really $39.99 no thanks, In that case I would rather go to the buffet at the Rio Hotel and Casino. for 19.99. still the best buffet in town and its huge!! if you go around lunch/dinner, you will get the price for lunch and then the transition of dinner at no xtra cost.

    • Paulie

      I’m with this guy! Rio here I come!!!!!!!!

    • jill

      I will follow emoney and paulie. las vegas is just not the same. the dinner’s where cheap back in the days which brought people out here to gamble and see the shows. i know times change but vegas has just become a circus town where u can bone down and not worry about getting arrested.

  • lyle

    Anyone remember that funny room in the house with the fridge? Too high to open it or what? I can make whatever I want for much less and much better tasting. Besides, Vegas in in the middle of the desert. Go to Vegas, why? Over rated, over priced, and lets get all the guys handing out the porno cards back picking fruit. WTF!

  • Trock

    Burnin money like nothing lol! We have millions starving in the world!
    What a waste!

  • Ashley

    When I go to Vegas its because I am on vacation. When I am on vacation I like to splurge. Would I fly out there just to visit the buffet?..ummm no! However, I would like to check it out. Prime Rib sounds great! :) Love Ceasers Palace.

  • Trock

    Golden Corral, Friendly’s, or the local Chinese Buffet is reasonable enough as it is!

    $40 just for a buffet! The Hilton or The Marriott never charge that much!
    Nonsense lol!