15-Year Old Arrested For Two Dead Utah Brothers

By: Sean Patterson - May 23, 2013

The bodies of two West Point, Utah children, ages 4 and 10, were found in their home Wednesday night. According to a Davis County Sheriff’s Office statement, the brothers died from what appear to be knife wounds. The suspect in the murders is the victims’ 15-year-old brother.

The children’s mother found the the body of the 4-year-old on Wednesday evening. She called 911, and a police sweep of the home found the body of the 10-year-old. An hours-long search for the missing 15-year-old was then conducted. The boy was eventually found around midnight and taken to a local hospital.

On Thursday morning, “as a result of the emerging details,” the 15-year-old was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center. Police suspect that the boy acted alone, but have released no further details on the crime, which they are investigating as a homicide. The cause of the 4-year-old’s and 10-year-old’s death will be officially determined by medical examiners.

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  • Gena

    Do you have to put that stupid picture next to that article?

    • oops

      i agree,why did u do that.so stupid.

  • cindyd

    What the hell? WHo put that picture with the bloody house up? What is that supposed to help or prove? Journalism is dead…

  • shay

    So disrespectful for having that picture next to the article. Do you people who write this stuff, ever think that the victims have family and friends? And how rude you are being about something so horrible?

  • What The He….?

    I swear, I have seen some tacky stuff on internet news sites…but the choice of graphic for this story is the absolute worst! I mean, is it a Halloween story, a trailer for a horror flick or what? Because if it’s supposed to be an account of a horrific tragedy…you, Sirs, have missed the mark!

    • Bear_80

      I agree 100% with Gena, cindyd, shay, and What The H….? This is a horrible crime, followed up by an insensitive and tasteless person inserting a stupid picture. Whoever did this and put it on the internet should be ashamed of themselves!!!!

  • geneie dugie

    That juvenile picture was disrespectful and seemed to be mocking the victims. What were you thinking. Take it down. This should not have been posted in the first place.

  • Roger H.

    Whoever the dumbass is that put up that picture should be FIRED!

  • Kimberly B

    I have NEVER take the time or had a strong enough desire to respond to a news article on the internet…until your completely tasteless graphic compelled me to do so! I think we all DESERVE a public apology, but not as much as the family you’ve berated by such a display.

  • http://yahoonews Cherppie

    I believe as others do that the graphic shows a total like of taste on the part of the reporting team. Total disregard for the family of those poor innocent boys. Shame on you!

  • Jacqueline

    Absolutely terrible! I cannot believe any respectful newsperson would publish such a tacky picture…

  • Jo

    This is without a doubt the most tasteless photograph I have seen never to an article. The person who wrote this article along with the person who allowed it to be placed on this website should be fired

  • Troy

    Such a sad thing for a family! And like everyone else it seems, I look over to the right and think… “What the crap?!?” That is the worst picture ever to put along side this horrible crime! I NEVER leave comments, but thought I would say something about this. Seems like I am not the only one thinking this.

  • Mina

    The use of that graphic was just completely disrespectful. I NEVER comment on these articles, but the writter needs to be made aware that this is unacceptable and shows a complete lack of class and empathy toward the tragedy that has taken place.

  • http://WebProNews Maureen Stoyle

    There is no excuse for putting that picture next to an article about such a devastating event. They are someones children, grandchildren, loved ones and did not deserve this disrespect.

  • carolyn b. baker

    i don’t care about the graphic WTF is happening on this planet with killing…children killing!!!!! The graphic works it works perfectly. IT IS TIME TO STOP HIDING EVIL!!!

  • Jude

    Disgraceful……The person who added that bloody house picture should be fired. Whoever did it is numb and without feelings for others. An older brother killed his two younger brothers. The parents must be devastated. Its
    Sickening and horrible. Can’t imagine the mind of that older brother and his motive.

  • G. Branson

    Anyone that had anything to do with posting this picture .. should be fired ! NO EXCUSES !! Absolutely shocking .. such stupidity, insensitivity and out and out cruelty cannot be tolerated .. How would you idiots feel if this was your family members. Karma Jerks Karma.
    RIP little ones .. Condolences to the family that I am sure is going through hell.

  • G. Branson

    Anyone care to join me in writing to the Editor about firing Sean Patterson and anyone else involved in publishing one of the most disrespectful pictures .. next to a sensitive article .. that I have ever seen. After the smoke clears .. I hope the family will sue the hell out of your rag !!!

    • Kimberly B

      Already done. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a response.

  • chela

    i agree this picture is very , very ridiculous and offensive too what are you people thinking !!!! please use common human sense have compassion for others feelings and greives

  • Kimberly B

    Thank you for removing the graphic. Poor taste is poor taste, but you listened to your readers and did the right thing to correct your error. I give you credit for doing so.

  • Iris513

    For the love of all that is good and holy can someone PLEASE explain to me WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD!!! Every day there’s one shocking story after another. Heart breaking!

  • Carolyn Snyder

    That must of been one shameful picture, I guess I was spared all I see is police crime tape and the road. Must have removed it….Way to go to all of you!

  • Ray

    Don’t be so sure it is the writer’s fault. I write for an internet site and have almost zero input to associated graphics.

  • me

    What bloody pic? There are only adverts here.

  • Carol

    Kudos to the woman who felt a “wrong” should be righted. Your company should be proud of your inline workers. They took a phone call and corrected a very bad situation. Thank you.