14-Year Old Forced To Get Pregnant By Adoptive Mom

    April 29, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A 14-year old girl was forced into pregnancy by her adoptive mom after the woman was told she couldn’t adopt any more children.

The woman was desperate for another baby and hatched a plan to inseminate her daughter with syringes and donor sperm she procured online. The girl says she went along with the plan because she thought it would make her mother love her.

The woman, an American transplant in the U.K., has been given a 5-year prison sentence for child cruelty after a successful pregnancy yielded a baby boy born in 2011, when the daughter was just 17. The children were put into foster care after a hospital employee overheard the mother admonishing her daughter about breastfeeding because she didn’t want the baby to become attached to her.

  • Robert

    I think that was the longest pregnancy on record. Forced to become pregnant at 14 and delivered a baby at 17. WTF??

    • Mason

      This is a bad parent. I think she should have gotten more than 5 years.
      And Robert, She wasn’t pregnant for three years, the mother started the insemination when she was 14 until she conceived at 16 or 17, don’t know when her birth date is.

  • Patti

    WOW. That poor child. She went through all that for three years until she conceived. That adoptive “mother” is sick. I wonder how closely she was investigated before she was able to adopt the first three. I don’t even know what to think – this is really sick.

  • Wallywoo

    Oh my GAAADD!! I’m SO APPALLED!! I’ve never been sooo shocked! This is OUTRAGEOUS!! How can anyone sleep at night? Huh? This is just ridiculous!! I can’t believe it!! JESUS!! This is NOT FATHOMABLE!! It’s JUST INCONCEIVABLE!!! HOW CAN THIS FUGGIN’ BEEE???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john davis

    The only thing she did wrong is using a 14 year old.As you read she had 3 other children didnt say she was bad to them. And even the 14 old didnt say she was mean to her. what set her off was when she was told she couldnt adopt any more. All she wanted is to be another mother she could have went about another way.

    • Tayshayla Mayer

      exactly ash

  • Ashley Marock

    This is so not fair. There had to be something wrong with that mother just because you wanted another child doesn’t mean you can get your adopted daughter pregnant. The mother got what she deserves. This is just sick if i were in the UK child protective services i would take all her children away.

  • Tayshayla Mayer

    They need to give her life in prison for that it is not fear its sick i would hope they dont give her kids back to her