12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Parking on the Sidewalk [VIDEO]

    May 7, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Now that nearly everyone has video cameras in their pocket, videos of police doing (or failing to do) their jobs has become a staple on YouTube. Some citizens will even go so far as to test police by aggressively asserting their rights on camera, and now it seems that young adults are getting in on the action of holding the police accountable.

A 12-year-old that identifies himself as Jeremy Drew last year approached a Las Vegas police officer to question him about parking on the sidewalk. The video, which was posted in September 2012, now has over 3.1 million YouTube views.

In the video, the officer can be seen returning to his motorcycle with some sort of iced beverage in-hand. Drew asks him if there is some sort of emergency which would justify his parking on the sidewalk, then asks for the officer’s badge number. The officer refuses repeatedly and eventually drives off.

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  • SMR

    I agree everyone should respect the police/authority. However, this is an earned respect. This officer sets a poor example for all authority figures everywhere. This young man was well within his rights to know the officer’s badge number. I truly hope the officer was publicly reprimanded.

    • Zeke

      Probably your kid!

  • pat

    How does this 12 yo kid know why the officer parked there? Most likely he parked there so in case of an emergency he could get to his vehicle quickly. I am sure if the same 12 yo was getting assaulted, robbed or got injured and called 911 he would not question the reponse of the officer when he is able to get to his vehicle and come help the 12 yo as needed. The 12 yo should have been thanking the officer for his services instead of trying to make him look bad. where are the parents? Respect for adults and authority is the problem with youth.

    • Bob G

      Who’s to say that is not an off-duty cop on his way home after a shift. The young man is correct in calling him out for parking on the sidewalk. If we don’t question arrogant officers the coming police state will only arrive sooner. He was arrogant by refusing to give his badge number to a citizen who asked politely and for a legitimate reason. The young man was committing no crime, he was not in need of assistance and there was no emergency. I’m 66, a retired mustang naval officer, and I would have called him on it, too. Good for you, Drew.

      • kristy

        Ummmmm I see a massive hole in your first statement. In all heavily populized areas no of duty police officer is allowed to be in possession of city or county property unless it is an emergancy. Since they are in Vegas, he would not be in uniform either. He was on duty and he was not actually being rude to the boy either. However if a civilian asks for a badge number he is required by law to release the information. More than likely the guy just thought the kid was goofing off and ignored the request.

        • Barbara

          he probabally realized the kid was videoing him and he wanted out of there. So what if they take advantage of their professions. They also are the first responders and the first in the line of fire. Overlook something this trivial.

          • Wally

            The cop could have easily taken the time to explain to the young boy that, as you put it, he was simply taking advantage of his profession by breaking the law. Don’t blow him off. Just be straight up about it, if that is in fact what he was doing.

          • Mikey Chizl

            Wow kinda of tired of hearing bout what cops do for us. Im not taking sides. I lost my brother EOW 6-17-04. And i promise u this.. He would have not ran away like that from a kid. He would have taken his medicine like a grown up.

    • Jeremy

      Your probably one of those dirt bag cops too.

    • Pete


      I understand the whole thing about respect for adults and authority. I also understand that a police officer is someone who is sworn to uphold the law and so on. If he needed to get to his vehicle to respond to an emergency situation then he should have backed his motorcycle into a parking spot so that he can react quick/swiftly and not on the sidewalk. When you are in a leadership role, do as I say and not as I do. Wrong answer Pat. Bottom line is practice what you preach. That is where the problem lies. Granted that kid needs to learn a little tact when correcting someone senior to him but he had every right to do so. Cudos to the kid for having intestinal fortitude to attempt to correct the police officer who was setting a bad example for higher authority officials.

      Semper Fi

    • Reid

      So its a bad thing that the youth of AMERICA are learning their rights at a younger age? Dont be so ignorant, lady.

    • cris

      If thats the case then the officer should have explained that to him and not been an ass about giving him his badge number. Seems to me the way the cop reacted and handled it, that wasn’t the case.

    • PAM

      SIGN DID NOT SAY EXCEPT FOR POLICE.If that officer was driving by and saw a motor cycle parked in that spot would he have given a citation?

    • Mikey Chizl

      Im tryin to find out the laws in that state about LEO parking on sidewalks. Mayba the kid was givin a ticket one day from a pissed off cop for parking his minibike on the sidewalk. And his parents beat his butt for it. And this was his way of making him self feel better about it. But to ask the kid for id, and ask him if hes loittering, and not give his badge #. Thats a bad example. If LEO can park on the sidewalk. Then he should of educated (Protect and Serve) the kid bout it. I hope that kid isnt so hurt by all this and go home and start making bombs for the lack of respect he was givin.

      • oldschoolparent

        I doubt this kid has ever had his ass beat by his parents. I would expect it from someone if he continues to be mouthy and disrespectful. I can’t believe all the disrespect of officers on this site. This is a minor thing. The cop wasn’t beating or harassing someone. This is just a mouthy kid with a lack of parental guidance in respect for adults and authority figures. He is also apparently to immature for a smart phone.

    • Brian

      If I were the officer I would have said:
      “Young man, thank you for asking me about this. I parked on the sidewalk because it allows me to leave very quickly if I have to go to an emergency call. Whenever you have a question about a police officer you may politely ask for his badge number as you did. Here is mine.”
      “Young man, you are correct, I should not have parked on the sidewalk. I enforce the laws but even I sometimes I forget and make a mistake. We must all obey the laws and I will not do this again unless I need to. Here is my badge number. Here is my card. Whenever you have a question about the police or you see anything that does not look right, you can contact the police department to help you. Thanks for being a good citizen and drawing this to my attention.”
      This arrogant, dismissive officer lost a great teaching (and learning) opportunity and a chance to raise everyone’s view of law enforcement, to his and his departments discredit.

      • http://None john

        Motorcycles are frequently parked like bicycles near entrances to stores. no big deal here.
        Cops ignoring traffic rules do get some killed in traffic accidents every once in a while. but it is always an abuse of power.

  • Zeke

    Nothing better to do than act like an @$$. Cop probably parked like that in case of an emergency he could react quicker. Should’nt that kid been in school or doing something other than buggin’ a cop??

    • Jeremy

      YOUR A DOUCHE. AND PROBABLY ONE OF THOSE DIRTY PIGS WHO DO THE SAME THING. Any person who sticks up for this sad excuse for a police officer either knows that dirt bag, or is a cop. Children have the same rights as every other citizen. No wonder why people grow up hating authority so much. It’s pieces of shit like that.

      • Rob

        Are you kidding dude? If I had a little sh*t head kid come up to me with a camera in my face I wouldn’t say anything either. The whole intent of that video was to get him to say something he shouldn’t to get him in trouble. You guys can diss Law enforcment all you want but when you call them in a time of need they will be there to do there job. Regardless of the fact that you are probably either drunk or doing drugs.

    • Bob G

      In all my years on this earth, in all the places I’ve been around the world, I don’t recall ever seeing a designated motorcycle cop emergency parking spot on a sidewalk (unless it was in front of a doughnut shop (tongue in cheek.)) Sidewalks are for walking, except in the movies.

  • http://yahoo HJS

    The young man was respectful, asked an appropriate question, and was blown off by the officer…the department needs to give this guy some new training about contact with the public and make an impression by giving him thirty days off without pay….

  • http://yahoo.com Arizona

    The cop obviously doesn’t have foundational respect because how you treat the young ones or elderly or ANYONE speaks volumes about your character/ethics of a person. Hope this cop got a huge reprimand and Jeremy had every right to practice his civic duties in asking some basic information of a cop who is PAID BY MY TAXPAYING DOLLARS!

    • http://WebProNews Danne Absher

      Interesting that you mention the elderly. I’ve never forgotten the day I took my mother (95 years old) to a restaurant in Houston. A police cruiser was parked in the only handicapped spot. As my mom made her way with her walker across the parking lot toward the door, two pudgy Houston cops waddled out of the restaurant picking their teeth.
      I dared to glare at the one who looked over at us, so I guess I’m lucky I wasn’t tasered and arrested. Abuse of authority is not just annoying, it can actually become dangerous when those we pay “to protect and serve” use their positions for unwarranted privilege as the officer in this picture did and believe that they are above reproach. Shameful behavior.

  • Elsie

    Everyone should be held accoutable. The 12-yr old should have said
    “thanks” to the cop … being there when he is needed. Look for postive things … rather than negative.

    • Steven

      That’s a pretty moronic comment. Thanks? For what? There wasn’t anything positive there and the cop was NOT there when needed. Too many people take advantage of their position and this is just another example of “perk” they think they deserve and don’t.

    • Eric McDonald

      The cop actually wasn’t needed there. He was getting an iced drink so obviously it wasn’t an emergency in any way shape or form. Speaking of being held responsible; cops should be held to the same standards as everyone else. It’s people like you that blindly accept whatever cops do that empower this unjustified sort of behavior.

  • http://yahoo smartin

    YOU PEOPLE ARE RIDICULOUS!!! REALLY?? The man, and thousands like him are going to take a bullet for you, and/or risk their lives to save you from harm and you are gonna harp on hip for PARKING???? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!! The state this country is in..you all should be THANKING him and all the other police officers out there..Good grief people, get your priorities straight.

    • tim

      your ridiculous for thinking that a cop will take a bullet for you. get your priorities straight and not let the cops do and act however they want.

    • nile

      smartin getta outtta here

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Linda

    The kid did a good thing, it is a shame when a cop that is paid by the citizens breaks the law to get a drink and refuses to identify himself. The kid identified himself and was in his right to ask, a bit bold but the police need to be kept in line as well as to not abuse a power that this officer should be reprimanded for.


  • patty

    the kid was a moron. parents are probably morons too!



  • Miranda

    I think it’s hilarious the cop was asking a 12 year old if he had any ID and was trying to make that a point, who care who he is; answer the question and give your badge number. Obviously the cop knew he was in the wrong otherwise he would have given the information freely.

    • Ronald Thomas

      I would’ve given him my badge #, so he can report that I parked my motorcycle on the sidewalk. The kid’s an idiot. His 12 year old azz should’ve been doing something much more productive w/his TIME (like reading a worthwhile book or studying), instead of giving a Police Officer, who is probably more than 3 times his age, a hard time.

      Actually, the kid was ‘holding up’ progress. The cop more than likely had a lot more important things to do than to stop & converse with this kid on why he parked on the sidewalk.

      If the kid really wanted to do some good, he should go around looking at handicapped parking & check to see if THOSE vehicles in those spots were parked legally.

      This 12 year old IS smart enuf to know that te average citizen is under no obligation to be ‘civil’ with him. He took advantage of the fact that the cop WAS a cop.

      “I parked here because I’m a cop and I’m in a hurry”, should’ve been his response.

      Although we, who are not cops are in a hurry, also, we are not protecting and serving every citizen in our jurisdiction, and/or providing protection –even if u r a security guard, u r only concerned w/YOUR work site.

      The cop should’ve given the id some money for an ice-cream or a drink & told him to have a good day.

      • KevinK

        I would argue that much less time would have been wasted if he just said his badge number and that he’s allowed to park there. He’s the one that held things up by not answering a simple question and trying to itnimidate the kid. The boy was polite and simply asked a question. Not a big deal.

      • My Opinion

        Did your mommy not love you enough?? Bad childhood?? Can’t think of any other reason to attack a 12 yr old

        • http://None john

          What Attack? The Cop attacked the 12 year old??
          Maybe he didn’t handle it according to your liking but he did not attack
          This Cop has become the whipping boy for every miss use of authority ever perpetrated! Why Parking a Motorcycle on a side walk like any Motorcycles rider does all the time? What if the officer was responding to your aid and had to run further to the bike and was late?? Is this imagined infraction as asinine as anyone’s objection? I think not.

  • joe

    Cop should have tazed the kid for being nosy.

    • Kristin

      It’s people like you, whose every response is to advocate violence against the weak, that make this country into the scary place it is today. How many guns do you own, and do you leave them loaded and unlocked around children? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Kryssii

    Really? Yall are going for a man who parks on a sidewalk to get a iced drink? Grow Up! Nobody was shot, dead, or anything so therefore he shouldnt of parked on the damn sidewalk. He should have his badge suspended. Have anything to say? Write ur reply, if not …. Have A Great Day ! ^__^

    • James Shores

      I have something to say…Its legal for a motorcycle to park on the sidewalk…So calm down judge judy

  • Steven NYC

    I have no problem with cops parking “illegally” so they can run in somewhere for a quick drink or bite to eat to take back to their vehicle. They need something during their work hours just like everyone else (who actually work), and I’d rather have them back at their vehicle quickly than having to walk a few blocks back to it. As long as they aren’t going to a party while they are parked as such, it’s NO BIG DEAL.

  • Destiny

    Police officers are not above anyone else when it comes to following the law. I am sure he was entitled to a break to go get his drink. His break does not however mean he can park in a clearly marked area that says no parking. The men in blue wonder why they get so much disrespect, perfect example here. Most would consider this a very small indiscretion, but criminals escalate. Who knows what will happen next? littering?

  • Donna

    Police officers are sworn to uphold the law, protect citizens, and above all set a good example with good behavior on and off duty. This is not setting a good example for our youth. The boy asked a logical question, and the officer was rude and didn’t answer because he knew he was in the wrong. This cop needs to be RETRAINED!!!

    • michele

      i thought the boys approach was rude. i can appreciate the officer being called out on doing something wrong. i can not appreciate a 12 yr. old trying to act like an adult and handling this himself. this is an adults responsibility. i don’t wanna hear “what if the parents or adult wasn’t there.” i say,the boy could of shot the video without saying a word and gave it to an adult to handle. i am tired of kids thinking they’re all grown up an can handle these kinds of things in this fashion.

  • Warren

    you are allowed to park your motor cycle on the sidewalk.. i do it all the time, and im not a cop.. i do it almost everywhere.. as long as its not in the way of others of course.. but his bike wasnt in anyones way.. little kids just has nuthing better to do with his time

    • KevinK

      Seems like if that was the case then the cop could have just showed him his badge number and explained he is legally able to park there. However he was rude and sarcastic and acted like he had something to hide as he ran away from the kid after trying to intimidate him a bit.

    • Jay

      I think that is the point that everyone is missing. He is not a cop parking on the sidewalk he has a motorcycle. Yet, these same people curse out loud when they pull into a parking spot only to see a motorcycle there. Its common courtesy for a biker to not take up a full parking spot and just leave the bike on the sidewalk.

  • GW

    Ever since 9/11 the tendency by a lot of people has been to place policemen into a realm of reverence. This is rather dangerous as when one is revered they are able to get away with taking advantage others and the rule of law which puts a strain of the civil society. Someone who is being paid by taxpayer money to uphold the law should strictly obey the law if they desire any credibility and respect.

  • Chrissy

    Thing is, cops are CONSTANTLY breaking the law like this. I see it all the time. There obviously are plenty of cops who don’t, but there are still lots that do. They should be setting a positive example for citizens. Yes, they “risk” their lives for us.. but I’m sure a lot of people out there would as well who aren’t cops. It’s just super dumb how they can act whoever they please just because they have a badge.

    • Chrissy


  • shutthefup

    that kid will grow to be the next michael moore, they’re both annoying as hell

  • Ronald Thomas

    A police officer should be allowed to park his (or her) motorcycle on the sidewalk. THEY CAN DO THAT. The inconvenience of ‘where’ to park, ..especially a motorcycle, should not apply to a cop.

    This 12 yr old is OUT OF HIS MIND, & anyone who agrees with him are OUT OF THEIR MINDS, also. This should not have become news. Law enforcement needs to get on the media’s case abt the crap they report to stir up trouble.

    The cop HAS a motorcycle to avoid time-consuming inconveniences (like where to park). Cops need to get IN & get OUT of wherever they’re going or whatever they r doing so they can get back on the job.

    They don’t have TIME to seek a parking space for their motorcycle when they can simply park it on the sidewalk, out of people’s way.

    It is true that we, as citizens who are NOT cops, ‘do’ have to deal with finding parking, and we r pressed for ‘time’, also, & have to get back on the job. But a cop’s ‘job’ is different. Cops provide their LIVES on the job. Wearing the uniform, alone, puts them in harm’s way. A cop parking his (or her) clearly marked “POLICE” motorcycle on the sidewalk is in no way the same thing as someone else doing the same thing w/their motorcycle. He could’ve been in there for an investigation or to ask a few questions for all this 12 yr old knows. The TIME the cop took to park elsewhere may have thrown his whole schedule off.

    I realize that law enforcement & military are not perfect, & are subject to scrutiny on the job, just like anyone else.

    But c’mon, people, a police motorcycle on the sidewalk? Let’s not get RIDICULOUS!


    USMC, Ret.

    • Haywood Jablome

      No, an officer can not park on the sidewalk. If he wants to get a Slurpee, he can do it just like every one else. As the boy said, there was NO EMERGENCY that would justify an infraction like this. If you parked on the sidewalk, you would be paying the city a small bundle of change for your indiscretion.

      Arrogance is distasteful especially when it comes from a public SERVANT. And his attempt to intimidate a child is unforgivable!

      • Ronald Thomas

        ok, what if an emergency ensues while he is inside. NOW his vehicle is much further away. He’ll lose TIME to GET TO HIS motorcycle, to chk his monitor for location of where he needs to be.

        TIME is of the essence in the job of a police officer. For him to have to park further away, because some snot-nosed kid says he doesn’t have an emergency when he parked there is STUPID.

        Again, what if something comes up & the cop just walked a block or so to park? ..not to mention the ‘time’ it would take to FIND a space in the 1st place. A cop is not like everyone else. Just like a military person on the job is not like everyone else. Police are held to higher standards than the average citizen in order to become cops in the first place. For that reason, alone, people should not have a problem with them parking on the sidewalk, where they will be NEAR their vehicle in case they need to get to it in a hurry.

        • GW

          What if an emergency ensued where the kid was filming right after the cop drove off? If he had parked farther away he might have still been in the area and able to respond quicker. And, if stopping for a drink had the potential to throw off his schedule then he shouldn’t be stopping.

        • Bob Howzen

          If TIME were of the essence he’d be ON THE JOB and not ridin’ around gettin’ sodas. What, he can’t keep a bottle of water in his saddlebags? I know I couldn’t be driving around on PAYED TIME parking on sidewalks and buying sodas when I SHOULD BE WORKING!!!!

    • Joe Ross

      You sound like a cop yourself. Only cops think they can do whatever it may be. Its not the point of just parking there, its the point that he thinks he can do whatever he wants because he is a cop. He didn’t tell the kid his badge number when asked. Why not? Because he does not have to? Your a single minded person who thinks and only sees the small picture. Cops are getting worse all the time and get away with it. Fullerton CA beating of a homeless man who ultimately died from being beat by cops. But its ok, because they were cops and needed 5 guys to beat the shit out of a guy.

      Cops are worthless. Cops response’s to that are which im assuming is your also, “people dont like us until they need us.” Hmmmm, can cops read the future? I do not think so, so how are they ever there and will ever be there to prevent a crime. They are there after the fact to take notes like any person could. Fuck Cops. My uncle is a criminal attorney who got a cop fired for lying on the stand about my brother giving consent to search his car (when in fact he didn’t).

      Let me know when cops can prevent crimes and stop lying then ill support them.

    • My Opinion

      While in the line of duty , yes. Off duty to get a drink, no. Throw his schedule off??????????????? Cops get breaks just like everyone with a real job, do we get to park on the sidewalk? No!!
      Get real with the comments and stop with the CAPS, its to GRADE SCHOOL.

    • http://www.esscurve.com paul

      All these complainers will be the first to call the police when they have an emergency, not some smart elic kid showing off.

  • toya

    if you think the kid is in wrong he is proving cops hate begin qustion but there quick to qustion us people they think there always right they need to set examples for us dont cheat and do unnessery things he could have talked to the kid

  • Haywood Jablome

    Is there any reason that this man is still on the force? Trying to intimidate a 12 year old (Unsuccessfully) and refusing to show or tell him his badge number (this is why we number police, so we can identify them). It isn’t the parking on the sidewalk, it’s the arrogance that he feels he can do it while he would cite a citizen for doing the same thing!

  • michael

    Since 9/11 times have changed and police and fire feel entitled. I am in sales and was working with a police officer on a purchase for himself and he ask me if I could give him a hero discount. A hero discount?

    • sw

      I would have replied “No, but let’s meet in the middle and give you a ZERO discount”.

  • http://jackyomama.com jack doe

    sad part is we all know nothing will be done about this…..next time film the license plate as well

  • Frank

    In Philadelphia Scooters and motorcycles can park on the side walk
    in approved areas. The spot he was blocking was a police parking spot
    so no public harm was done. His big mistake? The soda! Oh and the cheezy cop mustache (will they never go away?) The child is misguided. That’s an 800 pound motorcycle, Streets pitch to the curb. There’s no way he’s pushing that out of a parking spot. Two motorcycles in one spot is also illegal, but to the public good. Thank God for good police. Respect your elders and give the benefit of the doubt. And as the song goes “Parents teach your children well”

  • sw

    Please tell me that moustache isn’t real. That’s a dead-giveaway this guy has some sort of complex right there.

  • GW

    If this had happened in NYC then it would be a double whammy. I’m sure that drink was bigger than 16oz.

  • http://www.esscurve.com paul

    What a waste of time, since this first responder will be the first one to respond if this young man needs help, I say give hims a break.

  • http://www.esscurve.com paul

    No one likes a smart elic kid.

    • Bob Howzen

      I do.

  • john mason

    The boy has a brass pair. At that age I would never have DARED to question a cop like that. Complements aside, he needs to learn very quickly not to impede an officer for something needless. The boy did not need that spot. The officer may have just finished risking his life giving a parking ticket, just to deal with some smart-ass little punk. That’s probably the way his parents allow him to speak to them and to his teachers. You can be assertive and sincere without being silly about it.

  • Ronald Grosinsky

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat in court and heard the Judge make this statement over and over and over. No one is above the law. Followed by, Ignorance of the law is now excuse. If these two statements are true, then the 12 year old was right. Therefore any one who says contrary is putting the police above the law. From what I understand, the police hold themselves to a higher standard, that being true they should be leading by example.

  • JB

    And we wonder why these dirt bag kids are shooting up schools. They have no respect for anything or anyone. All the idiots that support this kid are descendants of the 60’s hippies. Just admit it, you don’t like authority in anyway. You are all spoiled brats who were allowed to do whatever you wanted to do. It doesn’t matter who was in the right to these fucking libturds. You just don’t like cops and most likely because you were arrested.

  • JB

    And another thing to all you fucking morons trying to make this equal to a private citizen parking his bike on the sidewalk… He was clearly on duty, in an emergency vehicle and not obstructing anything. It wasn’t his personal Harley in a plain clothes and he wasn’t abusing his position. He is entitled to a drink something you fucking idiots. He also needs to be able to respond quicker than the average citizen. You people all need to jump off a tall bridge so you can save the rest of us. You all talk about police state and this and that but are also the same people who advocate for the government to take our guns away. Morons and sheep

    • Don’tBeDumb

      Who is the Moron/sheep here? The person mindlessly following “the authority” or the 12 year old kid asking an officer to identify himself because he feels like the officer is not acting in a professional/police like manner?

      Don’t you think that if the officer wasn’t in the wrong, he would gladly have provided the information requested (barring there wasn’t a current emergency) and used it as a teaching moment for a 12 year old kid and built some rapport with the community?

      I am glad to see some kids today still have the ability to think for themsleves instead of mindlessly following others.

  • Ken

    Reading all the comments here really makes me wish our country had mandatory military service obligations. I’m so glad I’ve sacrificed so much so you mindless sheep can focus on the “real” issues threatening our country.