$1 Million Lottery Ticket Found In Leaves

    December 30, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Marvin Rosales Martinez is a landscaper from Long Island, New York. He was cleaning up the leftover debris from Superstorm Sandy, with a leaf blower, when he found something that would change his life forever. There under the pile of leaves was a “Win $1,000 a Week for Life” scratch-off ticket.

Martinez examined the ticket and instantly realized that he was the winner of $1 million. He first took the ticket to a 7-Eleven, but the convenience store was unable to verify it. Martinez later took the ticket to the lottery’s Long Island Customer Service Center, where they were able to verify that he, in fact, did have the winning ticket.

The lottery completed a thorough investigation to determine if Martinez was the rightful owner, since he had found the ticket and not purchased it himself. Over a year later, upon completion of their investigation, Martinez was awarded his $1 million prize.

Lee Park, a lottery spokesman, said that the internal investigation found no reason as to why Martinez should not be able to claim the prize. “It should be noted that Lottery tickets are bearer instruments,” said Park. “In instances such as these, it’s standard practice for the lottery to require a one-year waiting period before awarding the prize in case anyone else comes forward.” On Friday, Martinez opted to take lump sum payment, and took home $515,612 after taxes.

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  • Nun Yer Beezwax

    So the government stole almost a half million in taxes? Legalized thievery. They steal money that doesn’t belong to them, and call it the ‘law.’ Let’s also not forget that the money used to purchase lottery tickets is already taxed, so in essence they’re screwing winners twice.

    • Kaylor

      I never thought of it like that. How true your comment is. >_<

    • Um You Know

      Government didn’t take half a million dollars from him. When you take a lump sum, you only get a portion of the actual prize from the lottery commission.

    • Eugene

      I agree with your statement.
      2006 I won 50,000 and ended up with 32,000 but that’s ok 32,000 is better then nothing, I guess. LOL

    • Mark

      The government did not take almost half. He took a lump sum instead of the payments so he got less. The government then took there 33%.

  • http://www.villalibra.com Pete Turner

    Have we already had the raking in a fortune joke? Meanwhile, I have my own little just-for-fun page which generates my own personal random quick pick numbers. As I say, it is only for fun, but you never know your luck! Look out for VillaLibra if you want to see if you can locate it.

  • losers

    Seems people can never be happy. You complain the government takes half the winnings, but you’re telling me you’d be crying that same line if you’d win the million or 500,000. Please. I bet all you losers play the lottery too and then come here and complain about the government. Just go read an article about poor Phil Robertson and complain in that comment section.

  • carol

    Hasn’t this guy been making tax free money for years. Sickening!

    • losers

      Um how do you know he’s been making tax free money for years?