Zombie Mashup Makes A Great Web Video

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That little slice of zombie heaven was produced by a group called the Eclectic Method, and considering the time of year, it's absolutely fitting. The video takes scenes from some famous zombie movies and mashes them into a great video that can also be considered instructional.

Remember, shoot them in the head.

By my count, the movies featured in Eclectic Method's video are Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead (both versions), Shaun of the Dead, The Plague of the Zombies, I Am Legend (which is not a zombie story, but I digress) and AMC's The Walking Dead. A quick scene from a video game is present as well, but I'm not sure which one it is. I know it's not Valve's awesome Left 4 Dead series, so it could be from the Dead Rising series, or, perhaps, Dead Island.

If anyone knows, please correct me.

It should be noted that the video contains some awfully violent images, especially for the "Shoot them in the head" scenes, which features a menagerie of vivid head shots. While the video may not be for everybody, it's hard to ignore the creativity on display in Eclectic Method's creation. Let's just hope they don't get hit with a cease and desist for using other people's intellectual property, even though it's being done to celebrate these movies, as well as the genre itself.