Windows Phone May Finally Climb Out Of Fourth Place By November

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Android and iOS - the two mobile operating systems are the centerpiece of any smartphone marketshare study. They are constantly battling for market supremacy with Android taking the top spot due to its proliferation across multiple devices. While its more interesting to watch the battle between iOS and Android, we mustn't forget the battle for third place.

The battle for third place in smartphone marketshare is being fought by BlackBerry and Windows Phone. One is the disgraced king of smartphones that used to sit on top, but has since fallen from its lofty peak. The other is a relative newcomer after reinventing itself with Windows Phone 7. BlackBerry has been holding on to its third place spot for a while now, but that may change later this year.

WMPowerUser looked at StatCounter's web usage data from the beginning of the year and used some math to predict where the the market will end up by the end of November. If their predictions are correct, Windows Phone will finally beat out BlackBerry for third place. That would be big news for Microsoft as they have been struggling to get the Windows Phone brand off the ground.

Even if they were to come in third place by the end of the year, it still would put them far behind iOS and Android. Microsoft undoubtedly knows this and that might be why they're holding a Windows Phone event with Nokia on September 5. It's assumed that they will be revealing more information on their Windows Phone 8 operating system. With Nokia in tow, there might even be some new hardware on hand.

Interestingly enough, the Windows phone event is behind held exactly one week before the rumored iPhone 5 event. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft lures anybody away from the Apple and Android camps to Windows Phone.

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