VICE Launches a New YouTube Channel

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VICE, the art and culture magazine with a popular online presence, announced today that it is launching a new YouTube channel. The Vice YouTube channel will feature short, absurd comedic content hosted by Ryan Duffy, a contributing host for VICE's upcoming HBO series. In addition, VICE will release some of its most well-known content to to the YouTube such as new "VICE Guides" and clips from VICE photo shoots.

The VICE YouTube channel is launching with three new series. VICE Today is the short-form comedy clip show hosted by Ryan Duffy. The first episode makes it seem similar to Current TV's Infomania, but with VICE sensibilities and sarcasm. VICE Presents will share the best videos from, edited for YouTube. VICE specials will feature behind-the-scenes footage, long-form interviews, and everything else that doesn't fit into the other two shows.

The first episode of VICE Today is already up, so see for yourself what the VICE channel will be bringing you in the future:

This is the second YouTube channel VICE has launched this year. In February, the Noisey music channel was rolled out to "[lay] the groundwork for the future of music television."

Aside from the lowbrow, ironic comedy that VICE Today will offer, VICE is also well-known for its in-depth investigative journalism. There are several of these news videos already on the VICE YouTube channel, which has existed for years, but has not been regularly used. Here is the first part of a report in which VICE co-founder Shane Smith travels to North Korea, but keep in mind that VICE does not edit its news programs for content: