Twitter Creates A Timeline For Its API Announcements

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Do you know when Twitter will be sunsetting an API, or when it will be releasing a new API it has in the works? You can always follow the social network's engineering blogs for the info, but there was no central location for all of this information until now.

Twitter announced today that it's releasing a timeline for its API announcements. It won't be a place for Twitter to make announcements, bu rather a place for developers to keep track of all the announcements that Twitter's engineering team makes over the course of a year. It's a lot like Facebook's developer roadmap that tells developers when certain changes will be going into effect.

The calendar in its current form splits up API announcements into two categories - recent change and upcoming changes. Both categories list the date the change was or will be deployed, a short description, a link to the original announcement and the APIs that will be affected by the change.

Twitter Creates A Timeline For Its API Announcements

Twitter notes that the Timeline is not a replacement for its official blog or its API Twitter feed. Developers will still want to follow all the official sources for Twitter developer news. The calendar mainly serves as a reminder for the social network's major announcements.

That being said, the calendar is a major source of transparency and convenience for Twitter developers. It doesn't change the fact that version 1.1 of Twitter's API screws over developers, but it's a decent consolation prize.

Speaking of which, you have until March of next year to make the switch to version 1.1 of the API and all the regulations it brings.

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