Twitter Acquires and adds Mobile Targeting


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Twitter has acquired, a company dedicated to helping entities get better ROI using social media. The team at Hotspot will join Twitter's revenue team and help with analytics aimed at publishing and advertising efforts.

Hotspot io commented on their website:

"We're incredibly excited to announce that Twitter has acquired the team!"

"Starting today, we'll be joining up with Twitter's revenue engineering team where our focus will be on developing analytics tools for Twitter's advertising and publishing partners."

"We founded with the vision of helping companies and individuals maximize their social media ROI through actionable and accessible analytics, and we're thrilled to be able to continue that work on a much larger scale at Twitter."

It's been a couple months since Twitter announced promoted mobile tweets on iOS and Android, but now advertisers and brands can benefit from the addition of BlackBerry and special platform targeted ads. Here's what Twitter had to say on their advertising blog:

"Now brands can refine their reach by targeting users with platform-specific messages across, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices. Meanwhile, BlackBerry users may start to see Promoted Tweets with deals, discounts, news and information from brands even on the go."

"Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry will be displayed at or near the top of the timelines of a brand’s followers and users with interests similar to the brand's followers. Promoted Tweets will appear in a BlackBerry user’s timeline only once and can be dismissed, mirroring the experience on"

"Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry and the ability to target campaigns to specific devices and platforms will help brands more easily connect to Twitter users —anywhere, anytime."

No doubt the addition of analytics specialists, Hotspots io, and the new platform targeting brings a lot of extra value to Twitter advertisers and Promoted Tweets. I think we'll be seeing a lot more introductions of this variety on Twitter's advertising platform as they scramble to expand capability in the US and abroad during the coming months.

Right now, Twitter is biggest in the US, Japan, and Brazil, but they have plans to expand well into 2014. We'll keep you posted as Twitter continues to refine and bring value to their new advertising platform.