Tom Brady: I Streamed The Super Bowl Illegally, No Biggie

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That deep, cavernous sucking sound that you hear is the sound of Roger Goodell's head imploding.

That's because Tom Brady, the chosen one, the man with the golden arm, Jesus Christ with a trendy haircut and a pair of Uggs - that Tom Brady, is nothing but a lowly pirate like the rest of us.

Media week at the Super Bowl involves a lot of talking. The result of all of that talking is that Tom Brady admitted to watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on a *gasp* illegal streaming site!

The exact quote:

Last year, I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website and now I’m actually playing in the game, so it’s pretty cool.

Now, the NFL isn't too keen on the whole streaming TV sites thing and are pretty protective of their copyrights (see SOPA support). But this just proves that when you can't get the product (here, a game) through normal means, even Tom Brady will find it somewhere on the interwebs.

On Thursday, the DOJ seized numerous streaming sites, including, and more. This was the first time that .TV sites have been targeted in a DOJ takedown operation.

For many, however, those streaming sites won't be necessary this year. For the first time, the NFL is allowing the big game to be streamed by "legitimate" means. The live stream starts at 2pm on Sunday at NBC's Super bowl site.

Although the Super Bowl is now being streamed with the blessing of the NFL, we can look at the implications of Tom Brady's little admission. What about all the other NFL games over the course of the regular season that don't receive special streaming allowances. If the NFL's golden boy feels justified in streaming a game when he can't watch it through normal means, it's gotta be alright for your average Joe to follow suit.

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