TiVo Files New Round Of Patent Lawsuits

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Just when we thought it was safe to return to the TiVo infested waters, all hell has broken loose again. This time it has TiVo launching a new volley of patent infringement lawsuits against Time Warner and Motorola Mobility. The patents that TiVo says they are infringing on are as follows:

-Patent #6,233,389: “Multimedia time warping system.”

-Patent #7,529,465: “System for time shifting multimedia content streams.”

-Patent #6,792,195: “Method and apparatus implementing random access and time-based functions on a continuous stream of formatted digital data”

The warping system is at the heart of nearly every patent lawsuit that TiVo has filed. It was the thing they filed for and won against Dish Network and Echostar. The lawsuit was filed in the East Texas District which has become a haven for patent trolls (companies that exist for the sole purpose to sue over patents that they buy for the express reason of suing.)

You can see the filing below:

TiVo files answers and amended counterclaims against Motorola & Time Warner Cable

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