This Is What Happens When Santa Replaces His Workforce With Robots

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For the past few hundred years, Santa has relied on the physical workforce of his elves and reindeer to help him deliver presents every Christmas. That may change one day as Santa embraces technology and replaces everything with robots.

The Autonomous Systems Labs in Zurich has decided to give us a taste of a future in which Santa's workforce has been replaced by robots. It seems pretty innocuous until you get to the robotic reindeer. Never have I seen something so horrific. It makes the killer robotic reindeer in Futurama seem tame in comparison.

Ah, but of course, mere words can't begin to describe the horror so check it out below:

I think we can all agree that Santa should stick to real reindeer moving forward. As for the elves, I don't think anybody will miss them if robots end up replacing them all. Besides, they could get electrical engineering degrees and get jobs repairing the robots that replaced them.

[h/t: Mark Cummins]