Test Your Google Analytics Implementation With Tag Assistant Recordings

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Google announced the launch of Google Tag Assistant Recordings, which is aimed at helping you instantly validate your Google Analytics or Google Analytics Premium implementation. It looks for data quality issues and if it finds them, lets you troubleshoot them and recheck them immediately.

The offering is available as part of the Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension. It works with "all kinds" of data events like purchases, logins, etc. As the company explains in a blog post:

What if you sell flowers online and want to confirm that Enhanced Ecommerce is capturing the checkout flow correctly? With Tag Assistant Recordings, you can record yourself going through the checkout process as you buy a dozen red roses, and then review what Google Analytics captured.

If you find that your account isn’t set up properly — if the sale wasn't recorded or was mis-labeled — you can make adjustments and test it all over again instantly. With Tag Assistant Recordings, you know you’re capturing all the data that’s important to you.

In addition to being helpful when you're implementing GA, Google says Tag Assistant Recordings can be helpful when you've made updates to your site or when you're making changes to your GA configuration. Luckily it works even when your new site or changes aren't visible to the public yet.

Once you download the Chrome extension, you'll have to set the feature up, and then just record whatever flow you want to check and view the full report in Tag Assistant.

More on using the feature here.

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