HTTPS Launched For All Custom Domains On

Automattic announced that they’re launching free HTTPS for all custom domains hosted on has supported encryption for subdomains since 2014, but now it’s being expanded to over a million custom domains. The company says users will see… Adds Support For WebP Image Format

The image service, which delivers the images bloggers use in their posts to their audiences, now supports the WebP image format. With this addition, served images can be reduced by up to 34% in file size compared to a… Gets Refresh With New App and Features

Automattic announced the launch of a new version of, which it has built from the ground up to let you update pages and respond to comments from a desktop app, manage all blogs and sites from one spot on… Gets New High-Speed Editor announced that it now has a new editor that’s faster and cleaner. According to the people behind it, it’s fast, responsive, and lets you create posts and pages more quickly both on desktop and mobile. According to, the… Gets A New Action Bar has a new action bar, which makes it easier for readers to follow blogs of interest and for bloggers to make changes to their own sites. If you’re a blog visitor, and you’re on a blog that you’re…

WordPress Has ‘Reinvented’ Its Video Feature

Automattic announced a big update to VideoPress, its service that powers videos on and Jetpack-connected self-hosted WordPress sites. It describes the new generation of VideoPress as “dynamic, responsive, and lightning fast”. “Out of the box, the new VideoPress is… Now Offers 12 More TLDs is now offering users twelve new top-level domains. You can now register domains with the following TLDs for new or existing sites: .info .biz .mobi .mx .es .nl .be .fm .tv .in now offers a total… Now Lets Users Register .CO Domains

Automattic announced today that it has added .CO as a new top-level domain option for users. This joins other options like .ME, .COM, .NET, and .ORG. It will cost you $25 a year for a .CO domain. To register…

Automattic Launches Enterprise

Automattic announced the launch of Enterprise today. It costs $500 per site per month. According to the company, you can scale your traffic as your content goes viral, and it can handle it. WordPress’ network does handle 100s of… Gets New Notifications Tab, Toolbar Button

WordPress announced a new tab on the home page and a new toolbar button for notifications. “The first thing you’ll notice is that there is no number,” explains Andy Skelton of WordPress. “We axed it out of compassion. It…