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Tag: Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8.1 Adds Cortana, Various Improvements
Last year, Microsoft refreshed Windows 8 on PCs and tablets with the launch of Windows 8.1. It added a bunch of new features, including the return of ...
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Windows Phone Gaining Traction in Emerging Markets
In terms of the overall smartphone market, Windows Phone holds only a tiny fraction of the world’s market share. Android and iOS continue to dom...
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Windows Phone 8.1 Can Be Added To Existing Android Devices
UPDATE: As readers have pointed out in the comments below, the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 adding support for Snapdragon 200, 400 and 400 LTE An...
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Bing Launches 3 New Windows Phone Apps
Microsoft just announced the launch of three new Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8: Bing Food & Drink, Bing Health & Fitness and Bing Travel. Bi...
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That Nokia Android Phone Might Be Unveiled This Month
Last month, it was revealed that Nokia may be working on an Android device. The news was surprising considering Nokia’s commitment to the Window...
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New Nokia Phones Rumored For Mobile World Congress
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was filled with a wide array of tablet, smartphone, and TV announcements and reveals. Manufacturers ...
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Bing Translator App Updated With Speech Input
Here’s a scenario – you find yourself in Rome after a week long party across Europe that has left you lost and alone. You can book a room ...
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Windows Phone 8 Gets Xbox Video, Xbox Music Today
Are you a Windows Phone 8 user that desperately needs official Microsoft apps for everything in your life? Well, the last two holdouts – video a...
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Finance App Mint Comes To Windows 8
For those of who are too lazy to keep track of our finances, Mint was a godsend when it hit iOS and Android. Now Windows 8 users can finally keep trac...
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Windows Phone Could Find Growth in Enterprise
With BlackBerry now struggling to finance itself while in the midst of a major executive and board transition, Other smartphone brands are now eyeing ...
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Upcoming Windows Phone 8 Update Paves The Way For Phablets
As Android devices like the Galaxy Note have proven, smartphone consumers love phablets. As Android devices get bigger and bigger, however, iOS and Wi...
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Microsoft Wants To Put Windows Phone On Android Handsets [Report]
I think we can all agree that Nokia’s Windows Phone hardware is great. It’s the Samsung and HTC Windows Phones that are debatable. Microso...
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Skype Will No Longer Update Its Windows Phone 7 App
Are you still rockin’ a Windows Phone 7 device? Do you regularly use Skype? If so, you might want to consider upgrading. Skype announced this mo...
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Windows Phone Sales Rising in Europe
Though the announcement that Microsoft will be buying Nokia’s devices and services unit was not surprising, the move is now placing pressure on ...
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Windows Phone Could Become a Closed Platform [RUMOR]
Microsoft decided not to take the long holiday weekend off, ironing out a deal to buy Nokia’s devices and services division for upwards of $5 bi...
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Microsoft’s Antitrust Lawyer Has Some Words For Google About The Windows Phone YouTube App
Microsoft and Google are still fighting about the Windows Phone YouTube app. This has been going on for months, with no apparent resolution on the way...
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HTC “Likely” to Drop Windows Phone [RUMOR]
It’s clear that Nokia won’t be abandoning Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 anytime soon. The company’s strategy of having a huge po...
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Android Almost Reaches 80 Percent Global Market Share In Q2
Android has been rather aggressive as of late in capturing smartphone market share that was previously held by Apple. It was a while ago that Android ...
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Bing’s Windows Apps Hit Windows Phone 8
Bing’s specialized apps that were previously released on Windows 8 (News, Sports, Weather and Finance) are now being launched for Windows Phone ...
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Nokia Announces Larger Lumia 625 Windows Phone
Just two weeks ago, Nokia announced its new flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Lumia 1020. That device’s big feature is a 41MP camera and ...
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