New Urbanspoon iPhone App Goes Beyond Slot Machine Feature

Urbanspoon has completely redone its iPhone app. While it still features its signature slot machine-like shaking feature, it goes far beyond that now, potentially making it more competitive with other apps people use to find places to eat. The new…

Urbanspoon Gets More Social with “Dineline”

As Chris Crum reported last week, popular mobile app Urbanspoon updated and added a new feature. The new feature is called Dineline, and it allows users to record their dining experiences.

Urbanspoon Update Includes New “Dineline” Feature

Urbanspoon, the popular mobile app for restaurant discovery is getting a new “personal dining timeline” feature called Dineline. “As you know, Urbanspoon has always been a great way for you to find your next favorite restaurant,” a spokesperson for Ubranspoon…

Urbanspoon Adds Zagat Reviews

Urbanspoon has signed a deal with Zagat that will see over 25,000 Zagat reviews featured prominently on Urbanspoon. Urbanspoon tells WebProNews, “”We’re excited to be working with Zagat – the pinnacle of high end restaurant reviews. Providing diners with easy…

The iPad Debut Of UrbanSpoon

According to Techcrunch, app store veteran, UrbanSpoon, has officially launched their iPad app. I agree with them in that the iPad app will not be useful for quick dinner solutions (like it is when firing up the app on an iPhone), however the iPad app will be useful for longer, more thoughtful decisions. Details of the UrbanSpoon iPad app below: