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Tag: Unnatural Links

Google: Those Unnatural Link Penalties Are About The Product Reviews We Warned You About
As previously reported, Google handed out a bunch of penalties over the weekend for unnatural outbound links. Now, the company has clarified that this...
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Is Google Ever Wrong About Links?
In case it wasn’t bad enough that fear of Google has kept people from linking to other sites, and got them requesting legitimate links be pulled...
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This Google Video Talks About Unnatural Links TO Your Site
As previously reported, Google has put out seven new videos about various kinds of webspam. Last time, we looked at one about unnatural links from you...
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Google Discusses Unnatural Links (On Your Site) In New Video
Google has put out seven new Webmaster Help videos about various types of webspam. I’m not sure how long ago they were recorded, but they all ju...
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Even The BBC Can Get Unnatural Link Warnings From Google
This seems to be proof that Google does not favor big brands of major media outlets when it comes to obeying the quality guidelines. Even the BBC has ...
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