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Tag: The Future

Elon Musk Isn’t Against Flying Cars, He’s Just Worried About Them Falling on Your Head
The everyday futurology musings of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk continue to entertain. See: thoughts on self-driving cars and artificial intelli...
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Microsoft’s Knightscope Robots Guard Silicon Valley
Don’t be alarmed when you’re strolling along the roads of Silicon Valley and you happen to be stalked by a cold, heartless, egg shaped machine on ...
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Toilet Of The Future Brings A Flush Of Excitement
Despite assuming “The Thinker” position at least a couple times a day, the average person probably rarely ponders that our toilets signal ...
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Science Fiction Stacks Up To Real Technology [Infographic]
One of my favorite genres of fiction is science fiction. It’s fun to see what writers see as being the future of technology. From the original M...
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Angelina: The AI That Builds Video Games (Almost) By Itself
Recall those experiments behavioral psychologists like to conduct on rats where the rat is placed inside of a labyrinth and must then make its way thr...
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Kinect Shopping Cart Takes Whole Foods Shoppers To Aisles Of The Future
Checking your phone, pushing a shopping cart, reading the nutritional info on that new Cheerios variant, reining in your hyper-curious children –...
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Space Elevators: The Only Way To Travel To Space In 2050
Recall when Charlie and Willy Wonka traveled around Earth in a glass elevator in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator? Remember how...
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Google HUD Glasses Will Be On Your Face By The End Of 2012
Those rumors about some Google HUD glasses on the horizon were more than a mirage: turns out these things are really happening. In case holding a phon...
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BrailleTouch Aids Visually Impaired With Keyboard Of The Future
When you think about it, it really doesn’t make any sense that we still use QWERTY keyboards on handheld devices. There are so many characters t...
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SHMEAT: The Lab-Grown Meat We May Get To Eat This Year
Finally, we will likely have the chance to eat test-tube meat. Soon! Wait, what? That grosses you out? Hah, really? C’mon! It’s only shmea...
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Samsung’s LCD Window Going Into Production
Remember that awesome transparent LCD window that Samsung showed off at CES last week? It’s going into production at the end of January. Samsung ann...
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Is The Internet Officially A Basic Utility Now?
Winter seems to have finally remembered that it has somewhere to be this year – here – so it’s time to dig the space heater out of t...
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PowerTrekk: A Battery Charger That Runs On Water
It’s my favorite time of day right now: that time when we learn about sock-knocking-off technology that sounds like it was born on the bright si...
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Nest Learning Thermostat Brings The Cool At CES 2012
Amid the barrage of technological wonders sure to stream out of CES this week, one device that deserves your attention (especially if winter ever bela...
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AfterShokz Headphones Rock Your Bones
I frequently talk about events or products that seem to herald this long-awaited concept appropriately called The Future. In The Future, exceptional y...
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