WordPress’ Share Of The World’s Top Blogs Increases

The majority of the world’s top 100 blogs are using WordPress, according to a new report from Pingdom, and the content management system’s share of these blogs is on the rise. According to the firm, 52% of these blogs are…

Bloggers Taking To Google+, Still Promoting Mostly With Twitter

Technorati CEO Shani Higgins took to the BlogWorld stage to unveil the findings of the annual “State of the Blogosphere” survey. Technorati has been doing the report for six years, and this year’s survey is a product of over 4,000…

The Relationship Between Bloggers and Brands

During the State of the Blogosphere presentation at the 2011 BlogWorld Expo, Technorati CEO Shani Higgins discussed the sometimes tenuous relationship between professional bloggers and the brands they sometimes write about. While a great deal of bloggers do write about…

Technorati Changes Its Direction with New CEO & CTO

Technorati has undergone many changes over the past few years. The company began as a blog search engine but has transitioned into a social media ad network. While the blog search engine is still part of the company, the ad network side plays a much larger role.

Google Algorithm Update Casualties Speak

Last week, Google launched a major update to its algorithm, which was positioned as one that would go after content farms. While some sites that are often attached to that label were in fact hurt by the update, some other sites that aren’t generally considered content farms became casualties as well.