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Focus On The User: Facebook, Twitter & Myspace’s Version Of Google
Facebook Director of Product Blake Ross has created a bookmarklet that people can add to their web browsers to take the “Search Plus Your World&...
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“Search Plus Your World” Indexing Content Faster?
You know those new personalized search feature Google launched last week that everybody’s talking about? It looks like there may be another adva...
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Google Search Plus Your World: Marketing Implications
Google launched Search Plus Your World (SPYW) this week (as if you didn’t know), and has sent waves of controversy throughout the media – most...
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Google vs. Facebook: The “Search Plus Your World” Saga Continues
Wow. “Search Plus Your World” has really left a mark. Google’s new set of Google+ integrations and personalization features into search results ...
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Google Vs. Twitter: Is “Search Plus Your World” Bad For The Internet?
This week, Google launched Search Plus Your World (SPYW), a set of features to personalize search results for users, which also happen to give Google+...
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Twitter: Google Should Be Ranking Us Better For @username
Twitter made it clear that it was not thrilled with Google’s new “Search Plus Your World” set of personalization features very shortly after it ...
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Google’s Matt Cutts: “Search, Plus Your World” Returns More Than Just Google Content
On Tuesday, Google announced the launch of “Search, Plus Your World,” which is a set of new personalized search features. For a longer explanation...
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Google “Search, Plus Your World”: Twitter Not Happy [Updated]
Update: Google has responded to Twitter’s comments via Google+: “We are a bit surprised by Twitter’s comments about Search plus Your...
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Google “Search, Plus Your World” Makes Google More Personal Than Ever
Google just announced some new elements it is bringing to Google Search: personal results, profiles in search, and people and pages. They’re billing...
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