Working With Robots Stresses American Workers

Robots may be all the rage, but American workers are stressed out by working with them, according to a new report.

Amazon Turns to Robots to Address Warehouse Safety

Amazon is doubling down on robots in an effort to improve its warehouse safety, unveiling fully autonomous models.

Liability Is the New Driving Force for Robot Adoption

Robots are already being widely adopted by a variety of industries, but legal liability is emerging as the new driving force motivating some companies to make the transition.

Robots Now Taking Service Jobs

Robots and automation are moving into an unexpected sector, taking service jobs many once thought were safe.

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Dance Together

Boston Dynamics’ robots showed some impressive dance skills, with four robots dancing to The Contours’ Do You Love Me.

Volkswagen Offers First Glimpse of Mobile Charging Robot

Volkswagen has provided the first glimpse of a mobile charging robot, designed to provide autonomous vehicle charging.

China Relying on Robots to Help Fight Coronavirus

China may have finally turned a corner in its fight against the coronavirus, and it has robots to thank for helping it do so.

Elon Musk Believes AI Development Should Be Regulated, Even Tesla’s

Elon Musk, a long-time critic of AI, has come out in favor of government regulation of AI development, including at his own company.

FedEx Delivery Robots Receive Chilly Response in New York City

TechCrunch is reporting that New York City has made it abundantly clear autonomous delivery robots are not welcome. FedEx, like Amazon and Postmates, has been experimenting with autonomous delivery robots, some of which were in NYC over the weekend to…

U.S. Government Looks To Restrict Exports Of AI, Quantum Computing And Self-Driving Tech

According to The Washington Post, the Trump administration has floated a proposal that would limit high-tech exports to China. Under the proposal, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, quantum computing, image recognition and self-driving tech would all be prohibited from being exported…

Yum CEO: Driverless Cars, Robots Making Pizzas, This is All In Our Future

Yum Brands which owns Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and other restaurant brands are at the forefront of technological innovation. Yum also isn’t afraid to experiment with seemingly outlandish ideas either such as their announcement of the Toyota Tundra Pie Pro which makes pizza on the go.

Walmart’s Got Robots Running Loose In Its Stores

In a bid to improve its services, Walmart is currently testing automation in several of its stores across the country. The robots are designed to manage repetitive tasks and give the staff more time to focus on helping customers. The…

Watch This New Robot From Alphabet (Formerly Google) Do Human Things

I know it’s cliche at this point to mention Terminator and Robocop in articles like this, but sorry, I call ’em like I see ’em. As you may know, Google bought Boston Dynamics, makers of humanoid (and other) robots in…

Google’s Humanoid Robot Can Stalk You Through the Woods Now

In that’s just wonderful news, the Google-owned Boston Dynamics is now testing its ATLAS humanoid robot outdoors, which led to this incredibly creepy footage: No, ATLAS isn’t particularly agile – yet. But the way it ambles along, like a drunk,…

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Hundreds More Call for Ban on Autonomous Weapons

According to Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Noam Chomsky, and hundreds of AI and robotics researchers, governments should ban autonomous weapons in order to prevent a “military AI arms race.” In a letter signed by over 1,000, Musk, Hawking…

Steve Wozniak Is Also Concerned About Our Future Robot Overlords

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has become the latest tech figure to warn us that the computers are learning and they’re going to destroy us all at some point. “Computers are going to take over from humans, no question,” said Wozniak…

Bill Gates Is Concerned About the Rise of the Machines, and Why the Hell Aren’t You?

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, who knows a thing or two about technology, is concerned about the day when our artificial intelligence gets a little too smart for its own good and decides it probably doesn’t have to listen to the…

Elon Musk Calls for Research to Make Sure Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Kill Us All

UPDATED BELOW For Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, figuring out how to avoid the “potential pitfalls” of artificial intelligence is just as – if not more – important than advancing it. Musk, who has been warning us about the…

Elon Musk Once Again Warns of the Looming Robot Apocalypse

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has once again taken to a public forum to warn everyone that they shouldn’t sleep on recent developments in the artificial intelligence field. In short, Musk says that the chance of “something seriously dangerous…

Microsoft’s Knightscope Robots Guard Silicon Valley

Don’t be alarmed when you’re strolling along the roads of Silicon Valley and you happen to be stalked by a cold, heartless, egg shaped machine on wheels; it’s happening. Microsoft, the multinational technology corporation, has finally decided to hire robot…