FedEx Moving to ‘Zero Data Center, Zero Mainframe Environment’ by 2024

FedEx is preparing to shut down its data centers and mainframes, opting for cloud-native solutions instead.

Oracle Beats Guidance on Strong Cloud Performance

Oracle reported its quarterly results, beating guidance as a result of strong cloud results.

Microsoft Azure and AWS Big Cloud Winners Amid Pandemic

As the global pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption, Microsoft Azure and AWS have emerged as the clear winners.

Oracle Unveils Free Cloud Services In Bid to Take On Rivals

On September 16, Oracle announced a new, free tier of cloud services, paired with credits developers can use for additional options. Free plans come with two virtual machines with 1/8 OCPU and 1 GB of memory each, along with the choice of Autonomous Transaction Processing or Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Larry Ellison: Amazon uses Oracle, not Amazon to Run Their Business… Because AWS is Not Good Enough

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison says that Amazon does not even use their own database to run their business. “Amazon runs their entire business on top of Oracle, on top of the Oracle Database,” Ellison said.

Oracle CEO: What’s In Our DNA Deeply is to Build for the Future

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says that because they have a founder like Larry Ellison they are focused on generational changes. “At the end of the day what’s in our DNA deeply is to build for the future,” said Hurd.