Adobe Adds Keyword Performance Predictive Analytics to SearchCenter+

Adobe has partnered with OptiMine Software to add keyword performance predictive analytics to its search marketing tool, SearchCenter+. The new feature is designed to help search marketers analyze unique characteristics of individual keywords and increase ROI. Tim Waddell, director of…

Adobe to Help Search Marketers Keep Paid Campaigns From Cannibalizing Organic SEO

Back in the fall of 2009, Adobe announced it was acquiring web analytics software provider Omniture. As a result of that acquisition, Adobe runs SearchCenter+, a paid search campaign management tool. 

Adobe announced today that SearchCenter+ now allows users to integrate data from both paid search campaigns and organic SEO. 

Adobe Launches Site Search Tool to Keep Visitors from Leaving Your Site

Adobe has introduced a new tool for site search powered by Omniture, aimed at helping marketers anticipate visitor search intent and promote relevant products and content. It’s called Search&Promote. The real goal of the tool is to cut down bounce rates. 

Omniture And Facebook Partner On Ad Data

Online analytics firm Omniture and Facebook said today they have partnered to offer marketers tools to improve Facebook as a marketing channel.

Initially the two companies will focus on the ability to automate Facebook media buying and access analytics that measure customer engagement on Facebook. The partnership builds on Facebook analytics the companies introduced last year to help marketers join the conversation and have more relevant interactions with their customers.