Dish Network and Intel Partner On 5G Rollout

Dish Network has selected Intel for its 5G rollout, as the satellite company works to be the fourth nationwide carrier.

Sweden Latest Country to Ban Huawei and ZTE

Sweden has joined the list of countries that are banning Chinese firms Huawei and ZTE from participating in the country’s networks.

Verizon and Nokia Partner On Private 5G For Businesses

Verizon and Nokia are working on private 5G networks, aimed at replacing WiFi networks for businesses.

NASA Taps Nokia to Build Moon’s First 4G Network

Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia may be fighting for network dominance on Earth, but in outer space Nokia is the clear winner.

Dish Network Taps Nokia For 5G Network Software

Dish Network has chosen Nokia for its 5G core network software as the satellite company rolls out its wireless network.

U.S. Cellular Turns to Nokia For mmWave 5G Equipment

U.S. Cellular is working with Nokia to acquire the equipment needed for its 5G rollout.

Ericsson Wins China Mobile Contract

Ericsson has scored a big win, beating out Nokia for contracts with the world’s largest telecoms company, China Mobile.

Chunghwa Telecom Selects Ericsson and Nokia For 5G

Ericsson and Nokia scored wins with a contract to provide 5G equipment to Taiwan’s largest telecom operator, Chunghwa Telecom.

Pekka Lundmark Replaces Rajeev Suri As Nokia CEO

Nokia has announced a change in CEO and President, with Pekka Lundmark replacing Rajeev Suri.

Nokia May Consider Merger, Asset Sale As Pressure Mounts

Once the darling of the mobile industry, Nokia has struggled to compete in recent years and may be considering drastic action to remain competitive.