MyLife Looks At State Of Social Media, Aims To Address It With New Offering

MyLife has launched the MyLife Social App and Dashboard. This leverages the technology from Threadsy, which the company acquired earlier this year. We had a conversation with MyLife CEO Jeff Tinsley about the App and Dashboard, as well as new…

Is Advertising the Best Option for a Business Model?

It’s no secret that many businesses today, especially in the tech industry, create great services but wait until after their service has taken off to come up with a revenue model. Twitter, for instance, is one very useful company that began this way.

Growing Amount of Users Turning to People Search When Social Networks Fall Short

While Facebook’s numbers continue to grow, it remains a reality that not everyone is on Facebook. So where do you turn to find people that you’re looking for online when they don’t have a Facebook account, or even if they do, but Facebook’s search results don’t do the best job of providing the result you’re looking for? An increasing number of people are turning to sites that are dedicated to this type of activity – people search.