More Than Three Dozen Companies Form the Metaverse Standards Forum

Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Kronos, and 33 other companies have formed the Metaverse Standards Forum to help build an open metaverse.

End of an Era as Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg Resigns as COO

After serving as chief operating officer for 14 years, Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg is stepping down to focus on her “foundation and philanthropic work.”

J.P. Morgan: Meta Will Tap Broadcom For Its Metaverse Hardware

Broadcom is reportedly on the verge of receiving a major boost, thanks to Meta’s efforts to build out the necessary hardware to power the metaverse.

Senators Introduce Bill to Break Up Google and Meta

A bipartisan group of senators is taking aim at Google and Meta, introducing a bill that would break up the companies’ ad businesses.

Meta Scaling Back Hardware Projects

Meta has informed employees it will be scaling back some of its hardware endeavors, although layoffs are not planned at this time.

Facebook Killing Off Its Podcast Business

Facebook has announced it is killing off its podcast service, barely a year after getting into the business.

Meta Investigating Sandberg For Allegedly Using Company Resources to Help Activision’s CEO

Sheryl Sandberg has been a staple at Facebook and Meta for years, but the executive is now accused of improperly using company resources to help Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

Meta Will Charge Metaverse Content Creators a Nearly 50% Commission

Apple make receive the lion’s share of flak for charing a 30% commission for its App Store, but Meta is set to dwarf that for metaverse content creators.

Apple Calls Out ‘Meta’s Hypocrisy’ Over High Content Creator Fees

Apple is calling out “Meta’s hypocrisy” after the latter announced it would charge a 47.5% commission for creating content in the metaverse.

Facebook Locking Users Out and Giving Them No Recourse

Facebook users are reportedly being wrongly locked out of their accounts for ‘not following Community Standards,’ and have no recourse.