How This Panda Victim Google-Proofed His Business

Earlier this week, famous web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis unleashed his new app Inside. It’s a news aggregation service, which has proven immediately addictive to fans. While the app itself is an interesting enough story in its own right, there’s another…

Calacanis Moves On From Google Panda Update With Apparently Google-Proof Product ‘Inside’

Jason Calacanis is back with a new news app called Inside. It’s out for iOS and Blackberry with an Android version on the way. There’s also a mobile web version. Calacanis talks about the project as well as the demise…

Mahalo Goes into App Business After Being Victimized By Panda

You may recall earlier this year, in the early days of the Google Panda Update, that it was costing some people their jobs. In fact, we’ve seen scattered reports on this note throughout the year. One of the more publicized…

Calacanis Talks Panda Update and Expert Content, Bets on Video

After Google rolled out its Panda algorithm update earlier this year, Mahalo, run by Jason Calcanis, got hit hard, and the company had to reduce its staff by 10%. Calacanis told us, “All we can do is put our heads…

Panda Effects? eHow Not Ranking for Likely Google Trend

Looking at Google Trends today, I noticed that the phrase “how to write a resume” made the list. I couldn’t help but wonder if Demand Media’s eHow was dominating the search results for the query, given the site’s general how-to…

EzineArticles: Some Content Ranking Higher

Since being hit hard by Google’s recent algorithm update, EzineArticles is hard at work, trying to get its rankings and traffic back up. CEO Chris Knight tells WebProNews, "Beyond what we shared in the blog/twitter, we’re going to return to not sharing specifics on our traffic or ranking."

Calacanis on Google Algorithm Aftermath and Impact on Mahalo

As previously reported, Mahalo is reducing its staff by 10% as a result of the loss of revenue and traffic from Google’s most recent algorithm update. We reached out to Calacanis for comment on the situation. 

Google Algorithm Update to Get “New Layer” to Help “Falsely Caught” Sites

As we discussed in another article, Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms had some apparently unintended casualties. One of these was the Apple news blog Cult of Mac. Publisher Leander Kahney wrote a scathing post about the update, clearly furious over Google knocking their search rankings (and traffic) down as if they were a content farm. 

Google Update Costs Mahalo Employees Their Jobs

Google’s recent algorithm update, aimed at content farms, has done more than harm content farms. Some unexpected casualties were hurt in the search rankings as well. Google is acknowledging this.