North Dakota Bill May Force Alternate App Stores

North Dakota has introduced a bill that would force Apple, as well as Google, to allow alternate app stores on their platforms.

YouTube TV Latest to Pull Out Of iOS In-App Purchases

As more and more developers look for alternatives to Apple’s subscription service and corresponding fees, the iPhone maker will need to address concerns and come up with better ways to incentivize ongoing participation.

Facebook Faces Suit over Kids’ App Purchases

Facebook is facing a class action lawsuit that could force it to refund hundreds of thousands of parents whose children made “unauthorized” purchases for in-app items on the site. A California judge has ruled the the suit must progress, despite…

Google In-App Ads Let You Target Those Who Have Made In-App Purchases Before

Google announced a new targeting capability for its in-app display ads, enabling advertisers to target users who have actually made in-app purchases in the past. If they’ve done it before, it stands to reason that they’d do it again, so…