Hackers Access 150,000 Security Cameras: Tesla, Hospitals and Prisons Exposed

A groups of hackers has gained access to roughly 150,000 Verkada security cameras, exposing a slew of customer live feeds.

SolarWinds Attack More Widespread, 30% Of Victims Did Not Use Software

A troubling detail has come to light as part of the SolarWinds investigation, namely that 30% of victims didn’t use the software in question.

SolarWinds Hack Was Supply Chain Attack, Says Datadog CEO

Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel discusses how the SolarWinds hack signals an increased focus by hackers to target software earlier in its development.

Security Firm FireEye Details Hack, State-Sponsored Attack

Security firm FireEye is the latest victim of a cyberattack, and likely the victim of a state-sponsored attack.

Twitter Updates Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Accounts

Twitter has updated its two-factor authentication, making it easier for users to secure accounts.

Robinhood In Hot Water Again Over Hacked Accounts

Robinhood has been in the news again, and not the way it wants, as some 2,000 accounts have been hacked.

Capital One Fined $80 Million For Security Negligence

Capital One has been fined some $80 million by the government for failing to adequately protect consumer data.

Sony Announces $50,000 PlayStation Bug Bounty

Sony has announced it will pay significant bug bounties for PlayStation 4 bugs.

Amazon and Ring Sued In Federal Court Over Failure to Secure Cameras

TMZ is reporting that Ring and its parent company, Amazon, are being sued in federal court in California, claiming they have failed to protect users. Ring made headlines a couple of weeks ago when a number of cameras where hacked.…

ToTok Removed From Apple and Google Stores Amid Claims It’s a Government Spying App

ToTok was released only months ago and has climbed the charts to become one of the most popular messaging apps in Britain, India, Saudi Arabia and Sweden, as well as becoming one of the most downloaded social media apps in…