Google Hangouts Get Google Voice Integration

Google has begun rolling out Google Voice integration to its Hangouts app. Users are being greeted with a message that says “Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts”. This lets users receive voicemail and send text messages in Hangouts. Users can turn…

Google Isn’t Letting Bing Have Santa All To Itself

NORAD may have went the Bing/Windows route this year with its Santa Tracker, but Google isn’t going to let Microsoft have all of the fun. “While we’ve been tracking Santa since 2004 with Google Earth, this year a team of…

Google Voice Makes It Easier to Screen Those Mystery Callers

Google Voice has been a boon for those of us who are uber-discerning when it comes to answering the phone. It’s sometimes too vague to simply screen all of the calls and forward everybody to the same bland voicemail message.…

Google Voice Gets Circles a la Plus

For those who use Google Voice, the telephony product from Google Labs, the announcement today that Voice is getting Circles must have been welcome news. I’ve had a Google Voice number for years. I’m sure there is a good way…

Call Santa From Gmail

As you may recall, Google set up a Google Voice number for Santa Claus last year. Google let people set up personalized calls from Santa at The site is once again in operation (for U.S. users). This year, Google…

Google Voice Added to Google Takeout

Google has added Google Voice to its menu of services that it lets you remove your data from – otherwise known as Google Takeout. Google Takeout itself was announced in June as an extension of the Data Liberation Front, which…

Google Voice Comes to Sprint Today

Last month, Google announced that Sprint was integrating Google Voice, allowing using customers to use their existing Sprint mobile numbers as their Google Voice numbers, and having it ring multiple other phones at the same time. Today, Google announced that…

Google Buys SayNow, Adds to Google Voice Team

Google has acquired SayNow, a company whose slogan is "reinventing the phone call". Actually, SayNow has a hosted platform and series of applications for voice messaging, conversations, and group calls that can be integrated into Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Android and iPhone apps. 

SayNow announced the acquisition (without any financial details). From the announcement:

Use Your Existing Number with Google Voice

Google announced Number Porting for Google Voice today, which means you’ll be able to use Google Voice with your existing phone number. News came out last week that the company was testing this, but they have already moved beyond the testing stage and are offering it as an option. 

There are some caveats you should know, however. 

Use Your Existing Number For Google Voice, But Pay Generously For It

Some Google Voice users noticed a feature that appeared in their accounts called Number Porting. This means adding your existing number to Google Voice, as opposed to having to use a new phone number entirely for the service, which users have had to do up until this point. 

The feature is evidently only being tested for the time being, but will could go mainstream in the future. If you don’t have to get a new number, there’s a much bigger incentive to use Google Voice…that is if you don’t mind paying the price.   

Google Voice Spreads to the iPad, iPod Touch

About a month ago, Google finally launched Google Voice for the iPhone. Today, Google launched a new version that also supports the iPad and iPod Touch devices. 

Google Offering Free $10 Calling Credit For Military Families During The Holidays

Google said today it is offering a free $10 calling credit during the holidays to military families in an effort to help them keep in touch with their loved ones serving abroad.

Google Voice For iPhone (Finally) Launches

iPhone users may need a moment to verify that today isn’t April 1st, but it’s official: Google Voice for iPhone has been released.  Google made the announcement this afternoon, potentially overshadowing Apple’s own iTunes- and Beatles-related news item.

After all, true Beatles fans have surely figured out a way to obtain the band’s music in digital form by now – perhaps for free.  Duplicating the features offered by Google Voice was a trickier, and more expensive, proposition.

Google Tests AdWords, Call Metrics Integration

When creating a form for customers to fill out, it’s easy for business owners to slip in a question asking who referred them.  Finding out how someone got a phone number is a more delicate matter, though (it’s important not to waste customers’ time or act like they called a private line), and AdWords call metrics represents Google’s potential solution.

Google Voice Gets New Android Widgets
Google has announced the launch of some new Android widgets for Google Voice. The widgets are available in an update to the Google Voice Android app. 

The widgets are designed to give users immediate access to their Google Voice inbox and settings from the home screen. 

Google Voice Gives Users Missed Call Notifications

Google is now letting Google Voice users get notifications for missed calls. Users can get notified via their Google Voice inbox or they can opt to receive email notifications (or both). 

This would appear to be another step in Google bringing together your different means of communication. Google Voice already gives you a number that when called reaches you through all of your phones. 

Over a Million Calls Made from Gmail in First 24 Hours

Google announced (via Twitter) that over 1,000,000 people placed calls from Gmail within just 24 hours. This feature began rolling out yesterday (and as far as I can tell isn’t even finished yet).

Make and Receive Phone Calls from Gmail

Earlier, it was reported that Google was testing a feature that would let you make and receive phone calls from within Gmail. It turns out, this wasn’t just a test.

Google has now officially announced that this is indeed a feature of Gmail. It is being rolled out in the U.S. starting today.

Google Reportedly Testing Voice Calling from Gmail

Google is reportedly testing a new voice calling service that would reside in Gmail on the desktop. Tom Krazit at CNET says the service is launched from the Google Chat window within Gmail, and allows users to place and receive calls from within their contacts.