Call Recording Coming To An Android Phone Near You

According to XDA Developers, Android’s Google Phone app may be getting call recording in a future update. The Google Phone app is the default phone dialer on Google’s own line of Pixel smartphones, as well as Android One devices. Other…

Google Lowers Controversial Nexus One Fee

Update 2: Google has now reportedly lowered the $350 fee to $150, and launched a support line for the phone at 888-48-NEXUS.

Update: The FCC has sent letters regarding early termination fees to Google, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. In its letter to Google, it says:

Google Unveils Nexus One “Super Phone”

Update 3: Google is now advertising the Nexus One on its homepage.

Update 2: They have also posted a video showing Google Maps on the Nexus One: