Google Checkout To Shut Down On November 20

Back in November 2011, Google announced that it was retiring Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet. After that announcement, Google Checkout remained operational for another year and a half until Google announced in May of this year that it…

Google Talks About The End Of Google Checkout

Google announced that it would shut down Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet back in 2011. This week, the company announced that in six months Google checkout will be officially dead to merchants. With that, the company has shared…

Google Checkout For Merchants To Be Retired In Six Months As Google Wallet Takes Over

Google announced all the way back in November of 2011 that it would be shutting down Google Checkout in favor of a transition to Google Wallet. This week, Google announced that in six months, Google Checkout will officially be dead…

Google Checkout Dropped for Google Wallet
Google is shutting down Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet. They’re billing the change as “building one wallet.” It makes sense when you think of it that way. Why have different payment platforms? Go with the one that you’re…
Google Pairs Chrome Web Store With Checkout

It looks like Google is either going to hobble the Chrome Web Store or (more likely) help Google Checkout.  The company’s announced that developers who intend to use Chrome Web Store Payments to charge for apps must have Checkout accounts.

That’s a big step, considering the degree to which Google Checkout has failed to catch on.  By pairing it with the Chrome Web Store, Google’s shown that it’s not ready to just cede the market to PayPal.

Accept Payments from Your Laptop with Android Payment Extension for Google Checkout

Google has a new Android Payment Extension for the Google Checkout Store Gadget. This allows people to make purchases with their phones, and would be helpful to merchants who wish to accept credit cards.

Google Checkout Savings Available Again

The Dow didn’t crash again today (it closed up 226 points, in fact), but the economy still isn’t in fantastic shape, and it doesn’t harm anyone to save a few bucks even when it is.  So shoppers, take note: discounts are available at all sorts of online stores as long as you turn to Google, and not PayPal or a credit card, when it’s time to check out.

Google Checkout Gift Messaging Gets Some Changes

Google Checkout’s Advanced Buyer Messaging (gift messaging) feature has been taken out of beta. This feature, which was released over a year ago lets Google Checkout customers add gift messages, add additional instructions, and request gift receipts.

Will YouTube Be the Place to Rent Movies?

YouTube has made a couple of big announcements. First of all, they are going to start renting movies. They are kicking off this initiative by partnering with the Sundance Film Festival, making five films from 2010 and 2009 available for rent for U.S. users. This starts Friday and will run through Sunday January 31.