May July Be Forever Known As The Month The Internet Declared Its Independence

There’s a lot of talk of freedom and independence during July, especially in America. It’s the core-founding principle of our nation that every citizen be entitled to their basic human rights – “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Shouldn’t…

Comcast’s New Lobbyist: Conflict of Interest?

Many people within the American public have, and still, criticize the Comcast and NBC Universal merger. However, the disapproval reached a new level last week. Meredith Attwell Baker, a commissioner with the FCC, announced that she would be leaving the commission when her term ends next month to take a lobbyist position with none other than Comcast.

Consumer Groups Call On FCC To Investigate MetroPCS

A number of public interest groups have filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission requesting the agency investigate claims that new plans being offered by mobile provider MetroPCS block Internet content, applications and websites.

The public interest groups who sent the letter to the FCC include Free Press, the Center for Media Justice, Media Access Project, New America Foundation Open Technology Institute and .

Consumer Groups Want Antitrust Probe Of TV Everywhere

Free Press and a number of other consumer groups are calling on federal antitrust authorities and Congress to investigate agreements among large media companies to stifle competition for online television programming.