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Trying to Get a Job? Clean Up Your Facebook Profile (But Don’t Delete It)
Sure, you may be qualified for that job you’re trying to land, but something you said on Facebook might turn off potential employers. This has b...
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Google Is the Best Company to Work for, According to Employees
In the seventh iteration of employer-review site Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work list, Google finally takes the top spot. According to Glassdoor,...
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LinkedIn Makes It Easier For Employers To Recruit Job Candidates Using Mobile Devices
LinkedIn has launched a couple of new products aimed at making it easier for employers to recruit new job candidates, specifically while on the go. Th...
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CISPA Add-On Banning Employers from Seeking Facebook Passwords Killed
As you probably know, on Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, better known as CISPA. T...
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Amazon Hiring 50,000 People for the Holiday Season
With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers need to reinforce their workforce to handle the increased business that comes with the period. Thi...
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Google Tops LinkedIn List of Most Desired Employers
Today, another list has deemed Google the most desired company for potential employees. This time, it’s LinkedIn who has given Google the crown ...
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Two Password Protection Bills Signed in California
A few months ago, multiple reports surfaced of employers abusing their power to extract social media passwords from current of prospective employees &...
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Looking For A Job? Want To Keep Your Job? Clean Up Your Facebook Activity
Want an incentive to refrain from posting that bellybutton tequila shot picture from Vegas on Facebook? How about the fact that nearly half of company...
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Should Congress Move To Ban Employers From Demanding Employees’ Facebook Passwords?
If your future employer or current boss asks you for your Facebook password, it might soon be against the law. That’s because there is new natio...
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California Bill Banning Employers From Seeking Facebook Passwords Sees Full Support
This Facebook snooping by employers thing has really struck a nerve. Ever since it was reported that there was a rising trend in employers asking pros...
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Employers Are Still Patrolling Facebook, And Your Drunk Stripper Photos Are Why You’re Not Hired
Before you post that picture of you and your friends hanging out with those strippers in Vegas, remember that your future employer might be watching. ...
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Facebook Use On Company Computers: Not A Federal Crime
Go into any office anywhere and you are guaranteed to find people who, at one time or another, have used the company’s computers to send a perso...
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A Social Networking Bill Of Rights? Maybe
By now you’ve likely heard of last month’s scandal about employers requiring employees to hand over their passwords to their personal Face...
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Teacher’s Aide Suspended: Yet Another Facebook Password Battle
Yet another former employee is fighting a legal battle against employers after being suspended for refusing to hand over access to her Facebook accoun...
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Asking For Facebook Passwords… Disturbing?
This week, the Washington Post ran a story on an example of a potentially disturbing trend in Human Resources practices. They told the tale of Justin ...
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Facebook Password Privacy Motion Blocked By House Republicans
Remember last week when news broke of shady employers requesting passwords to employees’ personal Facebook accounts? While litigation over the p...
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The Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords Debate Moves To The State Level
Employers asking for prospective employees’ Facebook passwords: it’s been on everyone’s mind lately after some recent reports that t...
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Facebook Not Suing Over Employee Password Scandal
When Facebook came out on the side of employees and job seekers who did not want to reveal their passwords to prying employers, people cheered. The co...
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Employer Facebook Password Requests To Get DOJ Investigation?
Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who announced last week that he was drafting legislation to prohibit employers from demanding Facebook login information of...
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Facebook: Employers Asking For Facebook Passwords Alarming, Distressing
It’s been a big topic in the news lately, one that particularly troubles privacy activists and your average Facebook user alike: Employers, gove...
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