Former Ford CEO: Elon has Really Pushed the Industry to Embrace Electrification

“Elon Musk has really pushed the industry to embrace electrification,” says former Ford CEO Mark Fields. “The challenge here is how do you make money at it?” Fields says that there will continue to be a large portion of internal…

Billionaire Ron Baron: By 2030 Tesla Could be a Trillion Dollar Company

Billionaire investor Ron Baron says that by 2030 Tesla could be a trillion dollar company. He says it’s clear that Tesla will be at $60 billion in sales within the next 3-4 years. Baron added, “It’s remarkable what Elon Musk has done.”

Tim Draper: These Guys Transformed the World and We Should Thank Them

Legendary investor and political activist Tim Draper says that instead of getting on the case of Elon Musk, we should be thanking him other transformational entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Travis Kalanick.

LinkedIn Founder: Part of Elon Musk’s Grit is to Push Back Against Obstacles

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, says regarding embattled Tesla founder Elon Musk, “Part of his grit, part of his determination to get to that long future is to push back against these obstacles.

Gene Munster: SEC Removing Musk as Chairman of Tesla was a “Gift Essentially”

The settlement by Tesla with the SEC removing Elon Musk as Chairman of the company was a “gift essentially,” says Gene Munster of Loup Ventures.

Elon Musk Explains How AIs Will Start World War III on Twitter

For the regular Joe, AI is becoming an increasing threat to job security with robots projected to replace humans in a variety of fields. However, the threat could be even graver than mere job-hungry robots as some are now speculating…

Tesla Releases Model 3, Automaker Struggles to Keep Up With Demand

Investors were not deterred by Tesla Inc’s latest report of a financial loss said to be the largest in the carmaker’s history. Last week, the company’s share price managed to soar by 8 percent buoyed by positive developments deemed favorable…

War of Words: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Spar on Importance of AI

Nothing gets a geek’s dander up than a discussion of whether a Skynet-like AI will become part of our future, as seen in the beef apparently brewing between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The two billionaires have opposing views with…

Elon Musk: Talulah Riley Divorces Tech Mogul For A Second Time, Seeks Spousal Support

Tech businessman Elon Musk and wife Talulah Riley are divorcing again. According to reports, Riley filed for divorce on Monday, March 21, in the Los Angeles Superior Court to end their second marriage. Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla…

SpaceX Launch Aborted After Boat Gets in the Way

SpaceX had to abort a potentially historical rocket launch on Sunday. This was due to a ship being in the way and related setbacks. The company and CEO Elon Musk tweet about the issues in real time: Webcast now live…