Google Reducing Play Store Fees for Small Developers

Google is following Apple’s lead, cutting its Play Store fees in half for developers that earn less than $1 million per year.

Apple Lowers App Store Fees to 15% For Small Devs

Amid ongoing pressure regarding its App Store policies, Apple has unveiled its App Store Small Business Program, with 15% commissions for small devs.

Apple Needs Fortnite More Than Fortnite Needs Apple

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, feels that Fortnite is large enough and scaled enough and that Apple needs Fortnite more than Fortnite needs Apple… and Google too for that matter.

Apple Will Eventually Fall Apart If It Doesn’t Back Down

As long as the company continues to rely on other people’s money to make its bottom line it’s going to turn slodgy, slow, bureaucratic, and I think it will eventually fall apart.

Apple CEO: Competition For Developers Is A ‘Street Fight’

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains to a clueless congressman who tossed a barrage of leading questions at him how Apple is in a ‘street fight’ for both developers and customers.

Amazon Launches Underground, a New App with “Actually Free” Apps

Amazon has just announced a new Android app store called Amazon Underground, and the company promises “over ten thousand dollars in apps, games, and in-app items that are actually free.” It looks like Amazon is picking up the tab on…

Facebook’s FbStart Program Helps Asia Pacific Developers

Facebook launched FbStart in April of 2014 to help startups take off by offering them developer tools and services for free. The company partnered with a number of third-party service providers to do so. Facebook has given periodic updates on…

Apple’s WWDC Gets Underway June 8

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference will start on June 8 this year, and run through June 12. Per usual, the event will be held in San Francisco. Apple touts that there will be more sessions streamed to developers this year…

Wow, There Are A Lot Of Services Using Yelp Data

Yelp just announced a pretty significant milestone. It now has over 100,000 developers using its API to integrate its data into their products. Regardless of whether or not consumers actually turn to the Yelp app or to find business…

Mozilla Launches Firefox Developer Edition

Earlier this month, Mozilla teased an upcoming version of Firefox specifically for developers. It’s now released Firefox Developer Edition. The browser replaces the Aurora channel in the Firefox Release process, and features will land in Developer Edition every six weeks,…