Oracle CIO: Every Enterprise Has the Security it Deserves

Every Enterprise has the security it deserves, says Oracle CIO Mark Sunday. “It begins at the very top. It truly begins with the board, CEO, and the Executive Committee to set the culture and to ensure that the people, process, technology, and the governance processes are in place to ensure the security of customers, companies, and employees information.”

Biden Administration Prepares to Regulate Cloud Security

The Biden Administration is preparing to regulate cloud security, viewing the industry as too great a security risk to ignore.

NDR: The Next Generation of Cyber Security

Learn more about how and why NDR is the next generation of cyber security in the informative article below.

National Cyber Strategy Puts Cybersecurity Burden on Big Tech

The White House unveiled its National Cyber Strategy, shifting the burden of providing security from individuals to Big Tech.

Microsoft Is Working on Comprehensive SaaS Security

Microsoft is working to improve SaaS security, shifting to “to a comprehensive SaaS security solution.”

Apple Releases macOS Big Sur Security Update

Apple has released a security update to its Big Sur version of macOS, bringing it to version 11.7.4.

Google Sides With US in Holding Companies Responsible for Cybersecurity

Google and the US government may be at odds about many things, but the two are in agreement on one big one: who should be responsible for cyberattacks.

Google Cloud & Health-ISAC Partner to Bolster Healthcare Cybersecurity

Google Cloud and Health-ISAC have announced a partnership aimed at helping the healthcare industry bolster cybersecurity.

Proposed Patch Would Disable Linux CPU Security Mitigations at Compilation

Debian developer Breno Leitao has proposed a Linux kernel patch that would allow developers to disable CPU security mitigations at compilation.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Challenges in 2023 – Part One

With a new year comes new privacy and cybersecurity challenges for companies large and small, not the least of which is new regulation.