Dell Will Eliminate Chinese Chips From Its Products

Dell will reportedly no longer use Chinese-made chips in its computers beginning in 2024, the latest challenge to China’s semiconductor industry.

Covid Tests Required for Travelers From China to the US

The US has implemented new measures requiring travelers from China to take a Covid test over growing concerns about an increase in cases.

China Preparing a $143 Billion Boost for Its Semiconductor Industry

China is taking major steps to improve its semiconductor industry, preparing a $143 billion package to boost its self sufficiency.

China Files WTO Complaint Over US Chip Sanctions

China is going on the offensive, filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization over US efforts to sanction its semiconductor industry.

China Cracking Down on Deepfakes Starting January

China has passed new rules to reign in deepfakes and the impact they can have on ordinary people.

Apple’s Change to AirDrop Is Hurting Chinese Protests

China is experiencing some of its most widespread protests in years, but protesters do not have access to a tool they have come to rely on.

UK Blocks Chinese Takeover of Its Largest Semiconductor Plant

The UK government is ordering a Dutch company to divest itself of a Welsh semiconductor plant over national security concerns revolving around China.

Nvidia Designing Chips for China That Are Compliant With US Sanctions

Nvidia is designing an advanced chip for the Chinese market that are designed to be compliant with US restrictions.

Chinese Firms Throttling Semiconductors to Avoid US Restrictions

Chinese firms are going to extreme measures to circumvent US chip sanctions, even resorting to throttling semiconductor performance.

US Pressures Allies to Restrict Chip Exports to China

The US is ramping up pressure on China, asking its allies to restrict semiconductor exports to the country.

Foxconn’s ‘iPhone City’ Area Locked Down Over COVID

The area around Foxconn’s “iPhone City” plant has been locked down as a result of an increase in COVID cases.

Analyst: US Sanctions Have ‘Collapsed’ China’s Semiconductor Industry

The Biden Administration has been cracking down on China’s semiconductor industry, utterly crippling it, according to one analyst.

Google Translate Shuts Down in China

Google Translate has shut down in China, leaving users without one of the best online translation services available.

TSMC Warns a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Shut It Down

TSMC is sounding the warning about a potential Chinese invasion, saying such an eventually would effectively shut down the chipmaker.

US Chip Deal Would Stop Companies From Expanding Advanced Chip Production in China

The US passed a major piece of legislation aimed at revitalizing US semiconductor manufacturing, but it also does much to inhibit China’s chip industry.

Chinese Economist: China ‘Must Seize TSMC’ If the West Imposes Sanctions

TSMC is once again factoring into geopolitical posturing, with a Chinese economist saying the country should invade Taiwan and seize TSMC in the event of sanctions.

Bipartisan Group of Senators Want Biden to Maintain Trump-Era China Tariffs

A bipartisan group of senators is urging President Joe Biden not to end tariffs on China, making the case the tariffs are not responsible for growing inflation.

FCC Bans Pacific Networks And ComNet Over Espionage Concerns

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has banned two more telecom companies from China from operating in the US.

China Exported 500,000 Electric Vehicles in 2021, Leading the World

China is the leading electric vehicle (EV) exporter, exporting some 500,000 units in 2021 alone.

China Plans to Add 600,000 5G Base Stations In 2022

China is on pace to add some 600,000 5G base stations in 2022, helping the country solidify its position as the leading 5G nation.