Live Forever…As a Microsoft Chatbot

Microsoft is developing technology that will allow it to recreate someone, dead or alive, as a chatbot.

Facebook’s AI Chatbot Displays Empathy and Personality

Facebook claims to have created an artificial intelligence chatbot that can display empathy, personality and knowledge.

Tips for Building the Perfect Chatbot for Your Business

Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and are changing the way people communicate on the internet. Although relatively new, chatbots hold a lot of promise and are bound to change the way business owners conduct online marketing. Building the perfect chatbot…

Want a Digital Friend? Facebook ParlAI Could Be the Answer

Facebook has rolled out ParlAI (pärˌlē), which is expected to revolutionize conversational AI systems across different platforms. Yann LeCun, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR) head, explained, “Ultimately one of the objectives of this is to have your own digital friend,…