The Pentagon Has a Bug Bounty Problem

The Pentagon has a bug bounty problem that can best be summed up with: the Pentagon is cheap.

Google Tackles Supply Chain Attacks With New Bug Bounty

Google is tackling supply chain cybersecurity attacks with a new bug bounty program.

ExpressVPN Offering One-Time $100,000 Bug Bounty

ExpressVPN is offering a one-time, $100,000 reward to anyone who can hack its servers.

Reddit Launches Public Bug Bounty Program

Reddit has launched a public bug bounty program, an acknowledgment of its increased growth and visibility.

Instagram Wasn’t Deleting User Data From Servers

A security researcher has been awarded a bug bounty after discovering Instagram was retaining data long after he had deleted it.

Sony Announces $50,000 PlayStation Bug Bounty

Sony has announced it will pay significant bug bounties for PlayStation 4 bugs.

Facebook Awards Biggest Bug Bounty Payout Yet

Back in 2011, Facebook launched its bug bounty program, in which it would pay users disclosing security bugs that have previously gone undiscovered. The company kindly reminded people that it wouldn’t sue them if they gave it a reasonable amount…

Yahoo Responds To ‘T-Shirt-Gate,’ Decides To Actually Reward Security Researchers

Earlier this week, Yahoo was making some headlines for giving security researchers credit for its online corporate store as reward for finding security vulnerabilities in Yahoo products. Researchers at High-Tech Bridge put out a press release calling attention to this,…