Bob Iger: Act Boldly To Achieve Your Dreams

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger gave the commencement address at University of Texas at Austin where he told graduates that acting boldly is the only way to accomplish meaningful things in life: The only way to accomplish meaningful things in…

Bob Chapek Replaces Bob Iger As Walt Disney CEO

Closing out one of the most successful runs as CEO, Bob Iger is stepping down and being replaced by Bob Chapek as head of Walt Disney.

Disruption Caused By Technology Certainly Is a Big Issue, Says Disney CEO

“When I think about what is going on in our businesses and our world today disruption caused by technology certainly is a big issue,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger while sitting within the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. “It’s one that I don’t necessarily get anxious about but one that I spend a lot of time on and am deeply focused on it.”

Disney CEO: What Netflix Has Done Has Actually Been Good For Us

“We wouldn’t have been ready to launch it (Disney+) two or three years ago,” says Disney CEO Bob Iger. “You could argue that what Netflix has done has actually been good for us because they’ve seeded the marketplace to robust over-the-top content distribution and presentation.”

The Marketplace Has Never Been This Dynamic, Says Disney CEO

In fact, in today’s world that’s changing so much, the marketplace has never been this dynamic, meaning speed of change is much faster. That’s technology, that’s consumer behavior driven by technology, it’s economics, it’s how things are marketed, anywhere you look.

Bob Iger Talks Disney’s Relationship With Netflix

Disney posted its fiscal Q3 earnings on Tuesday. The company had a record quarter with earnings per share up 27% from the prior year. CEO Bob Iger said, “Our strategy of building strong brands and franchises continues to create great…

Michael Strahan to Join ‘Good Morning America’

Michael Strahan may soon be joining the cast of Good Morning America according to unnamed sources with knowledge of ABC’s plans for the flagship morning show. Strahan currently co-hosts the network’s Live with Kelly and Michael, which runs right after…

Disney, Pixar Remember Steve Jobs

With all of Steve Jobs’ achievements as the CEO of Apple (and they were many), some people forget his major involvement with Disney Pixar. In 1986, Jobs purchased the company that would later be called Pixar from Lucasfilm for $10…