Honda Will Be First Automaker to Mass Produce Level 3 Autonomous Vehicles

Honda has announced it will be the first automaker to mass produce Level 3 autonomous cars, beginning with the Honda Legend.

General Motors Adding 3,000 Tech Jobs

General Motors is planning to add 3,000 tech jobs in the near future to support its software and vehicle initiatives.

Lyft Begins Testing Autonomous Cars On Public Roads Again

Lyft has begun testing its autonomous vehicles on California roads again.

Not So Fast: Tesla Plows Into Overturned Truck in Autopilot Failure

Autonomous driving critics were handed another example supporting their skepticism, as a Tesla Model 3 plowed into an overturned truck.

Lyft Partners With Google’s Waymo to Challenge Uber

Tesla is still the recognized leader in the autonomous vehicle concept on the strength of its Model S and Model X. But the new partnership between Google’s Waymo and Lyft aims to give Elon Musk a run for his money. The…